4 benefits of High-pressure Drain Cleaning

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Having your drains blocked and clogged up is a headache for any homeowner. Not everyone has the tools and knowledge to combat this problem. In Salt Lake City, our plumbing business witnesses this dilemma time and time again. Blocked drains seem to be an inevitable problem in the journey of any homeowner. Although you can wait for the blockage to go away, it’s only likely to get worse. There is also a huge possibility of sewage water going back into your home, causing an unsavory odor and posing as a health hazard. Luckily, to tackle this problem, you can use high-pressure drain jetting. This method is a great and effective solution to drain blockages or sewage build-ups. Let’s check out some benefits of using this method.

It’s less time-consuming than other solutions

If your drains are blocked, you want a quick and seamless solution to anything else. The time that high-pressure drain jetting takes will solely rely on how many sections you need to do. To give you an example of this, if you only need about 3 to 4 sections done, it would take about a maximum of 4 hours. For those who have a CCTV survey, this can much quicker as you’d cut out the time it would take to locate the blockage. Don’t waste your time by poking out the blockage or by doing a complete evacuation. Use a quick solution such as high-pressure drain cleaning.

The results are remarkable

Your prime concern might be removing the blockage from your drains, but this might not be the whole problem. You throw items such as fats, tissues, paper, and coffee grounds down the drain, and they dirty the inside of the drain. These items make the drain sticky, setting a trap for other bigger items to get stuck too. Due to the multi-directional stream, high-pressure drain jetting will not only relieve your drains of blockage but will leave them squeaky clean too.

There will be no damage to your drains

Another impressive aspect of using high-pressure drain jetting is that there is no damage to your piping system. This is because of the lack of heavy instruments used, so there’s no drilling, hacking, or digging around your pipes. All that takes place is a blast of water that goes down your drains and gives them a fresh clean.

This is an environmentally friendly option

There are no chemicals in the process of high-pressure drain jetting, which makes for an environmentally friendly option. As this method only uses a powerful blast of water to clear and cleanse your drains, you have ease of mind knowing you’ve done your part for the environment.

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