6 Winterization Tips for Your HVAC System

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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During the winters, it becomes difficult to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. The harsh weather can cause some serious damage to the outdoor wipes and machines. That is why it is very important to take all the necessary precautions to maintain the health of your HVAC system.

According to Salt Lake City HVAC experts, you should take all the possible measures to safeguard your HVAC system, before the frostbite hits the outside pipe

In this article, we are going to discuss some expert tips with you:

Shut the outdoor wipes

During the winters you would hardly need to water the garden. So, you can simply shut off the water pipes outside. These pipes are the first to be hit by winter frost and that is why they need to be cleared off any water content. You need to find out the shutoff valve and turn it down. But, make sure the water content is completely drained off. You should also be familiar with the rest of the valves so that you can shut them off when the time comes.

Insulate the pipes

Even when you have shut down the pipes leading to the garden, some pipes might still be out there. It can go unnoticed and come under the wrath of cold. Take the help of a qualified professional to find the pipes that are still vulnerable to the winter. These pipes could be around the garage or on the backside of the house. To save the garage pipes, you could just keep the garage doors closed all the time.

Get your furnaces ready

When the temperature is low, the furnace inside your house will have to overwork, which might cause inefficiency. Another reason behind the efficiency is dust and debris. They get accumulated in the system and cause a shutdown. To ensure that the system keeps working the entire winter, you have to clear it of any kind of dirt and dust. Simply vacuum the system to remove the dirt or take the help of the experts in clearing out the system of contaminants.

Change the filters

Make sure that your HVAC filters are changed before winter arrives. Regular maintenance will do the job of inspecting the system for any wear and tear, but, if you haven’t changed the filter during the fall, it becomes imperative to get it changed now.

Make sure the air vents are clean

To ensure that the system keeps working and the air inside your house is clean and breathable, you should keep the air vents clean. Complete the basic cleaning on your own but for in-depth cleaning, you should take the help of your nearby HVAC experts.

Troubleshoot the thermostat

Another way to check for any inconsistency in the heating system of your house is to set the thermostat at a particular temperature and then match it with the actual temperature of the house. If the temperature doesn’t match, it can be because the system is showing inefficiency. Get the system checked by a professional before winter arrives to make sure it keeps running efficiently.

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