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There is nothing more annoying than the A/C coil freezing on a hot summer day. Freezing up in the scorching heat seems the most illogical thing, but ironically, it happens all the time. Especially, if you are in Salt Lake City, the heat can be annoying and it is normal for the air conditioning to give up from time to time.

The question is what to do when something like that happens?

First, you need to comprehend the fact that it is very normal for the A/C coil to freeze in the summers. There is nothing to be worried about; all you need is some knowledge about why it happens and how to get it fixed.

In this article, we are going to help you recognize the problem and provide some insight on how to get it fixed.

Sign that the Evaporator Coil of your A/C is frozen

If your Air conditioner is not working well the first thing you need to do is check for a frozen evaporator coil (The evaporator coil is a triangular apparatus at the bottom of the air handler). Further, proceed with the step mentioned below:

  • Check for any signs of  ice around the refrigerant line (the refrigerant line is the copper tube that is connected to the outdoor cooling system. there must be a rubber insulation around it)
  • Search the air handler for any kind of moisture (air handler is a huge metal box that can be seen while changing the filters). If you witness any signs of condensation or moisture at the bottom of the handler, it is a sign of frozen coils. There is also a chance of leakage inside.

Now whether it is the problem of frozen evaporator coil or not, you need to switch off the AC for a few hours. Given that you switch off the AC for the next 24 hours, it will help the coils defrost on their own. Once the water comes out, use a hairdryer to get rid of any moisture left behind.

In an air conditioning system, the coil has to be at a freezing temperature, but it does not mean ice building around it. If it is happening, there must be some serious issue with the system. Even if you take all the above-mentioned actions, there are chances that the problem is going to repeat itself until you find the root cause.

Some of the main reasons behind frozen evaporator coil are dirty evaporator coil, airflow problems like undersized ductwork, blocked went, tight filters, and dirty heat pump. There can also be some drainage problems that can cause the evaporator to freeze.

Even if you fix the problem of temporality, we recommend you give a call to the professional for a thorough inspection of the system. After all, keeping the air-conditioning off on a hot summer day is not the best option available.

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