Best Heating/Cooling Option for a Finished Basement

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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According to property dealers in the Salt Lake City area, if your house has a Finished Basement, there will be significant boost in the sales value. However, one thing most homeowners struggle with is how to make the basement area comfortable in terms of temperature?

Whether you are using your basement as a theater, kid’s play area, gym, or activity room, the temperature should be appropriate. In this article, we are going to demonstrate the best heating and cooling options for your basement. So, let’s begin:

Extend the HVAC system to the Basement     

Call your HVAC support number to find out if they can extend the existing system to cover the basement area. Have a clear discussion and find out if the extension will be able to handle the load without compromising the quality of service. If this methods pans out, it is going to be the most cost-efficient and operative solution for the entire house. If not, the below-mentioned steps might help:

Opt for Ductless Air Conditioner

 Another temperature solution that experts swear by are ductless air conditioners. These small heat pumps have the optimal capacity for heating and cooling a finished basement. If your basement is not connected to the central HVAC system, these small size units are the best addition. With no ducts to act as a medium for energy loss, these systems are more energy efficient than others. Besides, you will be getting total control of the basement temperature, which is missing in central HVAC systems.

Add a Dehumidifier

Did you know it is very important that the air in your house contain a certain percentage of humidity in it? In winters, the air gets dry and in summers, there is a lot of humidity, which makes the home an uncomfortable place to live. According to HVAC experts, the Relative Humidity or RH percentage in a house should be between 35-45%. To maintain this humidity you should install a humidifier for winters and dehumidifier for summers. Just this small addition will prevent you from health issues like asthma, skin conditions, cold-flu, and allergies.

Controlled humidity also act against smelly odors and mold growth. These humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also good for the efficiency of an HVAC system, as they tend to cut on energy wastage. The HVAC system have to work a little less hard to keep the temperature controlled.

All the above given tips and tricks are meant to make your finished basement a better place regardless of the weather. So, take a cue from here and convert your home into a heavenly abode. For further queries, you can either leave your comments below or contact HVAC professional who are the masters of cooling and heating solutions.

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