Can animals crawl up your toilet?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Now and then, we hear news about animals climbing up to your drainage system. These stories may be extremely rare but still, there are chances that some scary animals work their way up to your toilet and drainage system. We often receive a call from Salt Lake City regarding dead rats in the toilet.

In this article, we are going to warn you about some animals that can crawl up to your toilet pot. You will also find some real-time stories here:


Australia is known for its diversity of wildlife animals including serpents. In a creepy event, the household of Queensland faced a situation where a 3-meter python made its way to a pipe. According to the animal experts, the snake might have climbed up the drainage system to escape the dry season. In another story, a 5.5-foot long Colombian Rainbow Boa climbed up to the toilet. One of the employees of the establishment found the water level of the toilet bowl rising constantly and when she tried to plunge it down the snake came out.


Rat is one such rodent that can climb up to any space that is why even toilet balls are not safe from them. In a 2013 incident, a Brooklyn resident was not even ready to go to the toilet because a rat kept popping his head out. If you have a rat troubling you in the toilet space, try to flush it down and if it does not work, call the plumbers to take care of the issue.


Finding a frog in a toilet space is less scary than a snake, but it is equally creepy. A Florida resident found multiple frogs living inside his sewage system and that is why he had to write to the Tampa Bay Times asking for advice on how to get rid of frogs. In the reply, if found advice like putting up a mesh. To be true, the real solution to this problem is getting the entire system checked for rodents.

Drain flies

One of the common bathroom pests is the drain fly, which reproduces in stagnant water. You should keep a check on the hygiene of the toilet. Clean the toilet regularly to keep the grime out.


Lizards are another pest that can climb up to the pipework of the house. While most of these house lizards are harmless to human beings, there are some species like Tezu that can be harmful. Thankfully, there is no such issue like this in the Salt Lake City area. But still, you should keep an eye on the rodents.

Even Possum likes to swim and that is why they can find their way into your toilet and laundry space. These pests and rodents can constantly intrude in your personal space and that is why they need to be eradicated before the problems get out of hand. The first step that you should take is to keep a track of the sanitization issues, including the hygiene of the toilet, washroom, drainage, and septic tank. If you notice any sign of overflowing and leakage just call your nearby plumbing services.

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