Common Water Heater Problems

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Although many water heaters are built to last, many of them will wear out over time with continued use.
  • Metal pipes can amplify sound, this is why when your water heater has a problem you might hear loud noises coming out of it.
  • When increasing the water temperature, you need to increase it one notch at a time so you can avoid scalding yourself.
  • Relighting the pilot light on your own is doable, but it can be very dangerous especially if you have no idea how to do it properly.

Water heaters are very important in the home, more than just providing you with a luxury, it now considered a need especially in areas where temperatures are freezing.

Although a lot of these water heaters are built to last, they will need maintenance and repairs over time. Some of the water heater’s parts will deteriorate with continued use. And as soon as it happens, you might encounter these problems while using the water heater.

Some of the common problems include the following:

Weird noises – Metal pipes can make a lot of sound and noise, this is why if something is wrong with your heater, the sound that the problem produces will easily be amplified by the pipes. This can actually make you to believe that someone or something is banging on the water pipes, when it fact, it is just the water heater having problems.

Your Hot Water supply easily runs out – As the family members increase, or as your kids get older, your family’s hot water demands will also go up. This means that if your water heater supply easily runs out, it might be because more people in the house are using it. If this is not the case, then you might want your water heating system checked for leaks.

The water is not hot at all – The water heater’s gauge might be set to low if the water is not hot enough. If it is already at maximum, then you might want to call a plumber to check it and have it repaired for you.

But if you can still increase the temperature, then you should do so gradually, testing the water first before adding another notch. Keep in mind that increasing the water temperature too quickly can produce very hot water that might scald you or anyone using it at home.

The water heater does not produce any hot water – The best thing to do here is to check the pilot light. If it is not turned on, you can do it by yourself but you need to know that it can be dangerous. Call a plumber if you need help re-lighting it.

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