Consider Old Man Winter

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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It is September in Utah which generally means that winter is no longer just around the corner it is rounding the corner.  Many springs, and summers following winter we see a large amount of frozen hose bibs, (or as some people call them spigots) that hoses get connected to helping us to wash cars, irrigate lawns, water flowers, or just spray on unsuspecting pets or children.   However it is always bad news when we are through having a great time doing our spring/summer thing and go inside only to have water all over the floor around the hose bib location damaging carpet or wood floor.  It also can be a nuisance even if the floor is unfinished.  A good principle to live by in the plumbing world is in cold states like ours remove your hose from the bib each time following use from the end of September throughout the winter.  This may seem tedious at first but “a penny saved is a penny earned”.  If you are not paying for hose bib replacement, possible sheet rock repair, and flooring problems you have accumulated a lot of pennies saved.  It also may reveal a leak on the bib prior to freezing.  Even though these bibs are freeze less, that is only the case if the hose is removed and the bib is graded downward as it passes through the wall.  It is also a great time to look around the bib to make sure it is sealed from wind.   Wind is the largest culprit in facilitating freeze breaks when coupled with cold temperatures.  We also usually advise that hoses not be left attached again to the bib following use until the end of April.

Since we are on the subject of winter now is a great time to get your furnace and humidifier checked, evaluated, and tuned up for the cold season.  Your furnace will be working very hard during this time of year, following a long lay off.  You will possibly hear of some “sweet deals” on equipment only because it’s winter.  Do your due diligence by getting second opinions, or two or three bids if you are told that your furnace needs to be replaced for any reason at all.  We have often used portable heaters to help with heating a house area if the job needs to be done the following day, so proper and fair pricing can be sought out by a home or business owner.  “We always want your business, but we are willing to earn it honestly”

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