Do Not Try This at Home!

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Grizzly Bear Pepper Spray NOT Intended To Be Used as A Facial Application

What started out as a normal plumbing call ended up as a very scary encounter for one of our oldest and dearest clients. She is 87 years old and while in her basement she found a container that she did not recognize and started to try to pry it open. She succeeded in getting it open but to her dismay and horror it was a can of Grizzly pepper spray.  Needless to say she was sprayed in the face as well as the counter top and the wall and a nearby picture.

She made her way upstairs just as our technician Troy was arriving at her house. She called out to him to help her because she may need medical attention. He ran inside and asked her what had happened and she told him she had been sprayed by something and she did not know what. To her credit she remained completely calm and aware of her surroundings even though the spray had gotten into her eyes and she could not see. Troy went to see what the item was and found that it was the Grizzly pepper spray. He promptly read the can for any antidote information and then took the can to the outside garbage, he then helped her put some eye drops in her burning eyes.  Ken was arriving at the job at this time and they put a cool cloth on our client while they went into the basement to investigate, needless to say it was difficult to breath and coughing became a major problem. They opened the doors and started to get some ventilation into the lower area.

Troy left at this time to get to his next job while feeling the effects of the spray start to hit his face and hands. Ken called the office and was told to put whole milk on her face until the burning went away, and he requested the aid of someone in the office to help with medical attention. I started on my way to the residence and after arriving entered the inside of the upstairs and immediately started to cough because of the pepper spray to being in the home, even though doors and windows had been opened. Ken agreed to go get some fans to help with moving the air in the home and I started on my way to emergency with my calm and composed client. All in all it was a quick one hour visit to the ER as the doctor told her that she would stop feeling the effects in several more hours. What a relief that she was OK. We made our way back to her house and it was aired out much better thanks to some fans that Ken had purchased and set up.  When arriving at the house Ken’s face was bright red from the effects of the pepper spray because he had gone downstairs to clean up the area that was severely affected.  We rescheduled the work to be done as the day was now half over and neither party wanted to start the project.

Alls well that ends well, our client is recovering nicely and we suggest leaving the pepper spray for the attacking grizzlies in a safe place.

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