Does your Water contain too much Iron?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Too much iron can make your water taste funny, bloody, or metallic
  • Iron can come from dissolved minerals from underground water or from corroded water pipes
  • Too much iron in your water can decrease water pressure in the home and it can clog your appliances
  • A water aeration system can be very beneficial when it comes to removing iron from water

Too much iron in your water can actually make it taste funny. This however, would be the least of your problems.

Iron is a very common element, and when water goes through the different layers of the earth, it will dissolve different minerals underground, turning into groundwater. Water in urban areas also flow through iron pipes, corroded pipes can be one of the causes why you have stale water or why you have too much iron in your water. Here are some telltale signs that will let you know you have too much iron in your water.

Signs that Your Water Contains too Much Iron

Upon tasting, iron can make water taste metallic and it can also make it taste like blood. You will also see your white clothes get stained while washing using water that contains too much iron. Dissolved Iron in the water can also cause your appliances and pipes to clog. This will result in low water pressure or malfunctions.

Another way for you to find out if your water has too much iron is by turning off all the faucets and by letting the water stay for a while. After a few hours, you can turn on one faucet and try to see if the water contains any discoloration as it starts to go out. Any traces of color will indicate that that there is too much iron, the color of the particles as well as its location can also help you figure out where the source of the iron comes from.

If the water does not have any color as it goes out of the faucet, but will start to show colored particles as it sits in a bowl for a while, then the iron probably comes from your local water source. If the water comes out red, brown or with a tinge of yellow, then it might be a sign that the water pipes have corroded and the iron has started to leach into the water.

Removing Iron from Water

As soon as you find out that there is too much iron in your water, you need to consider having an aeration system installed. This system will add air into the water, and then put both into a vessel that will separate the water from the air. After aeration, it will then flow through a filter that can help remove iron particles. Having an aeration system, especially a pressure aerator is very useful when it comes to keeping your water clean and pure.

Have you had a similar problem in the past? Tell us more about your water issues and let us know what you did to solve them at the comments section below.

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