Drain Cleaning in Salt Lake City

For 32 years, Tingey Plumbing & Heating has been cleaning and maintaining drains and pipes in Salt Lake City and Park City. Our team of experts is ready to help with stubborn clogs, drain cleaning, and the general maintenance of your home or office pipes. From your kitchen to your bathroom, we’ve got you covered and guarantee results. We use the latest equipment and cleaning agents to safely repair and unclog your pipes. Our licensed and insured professionals can easily identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

It is important to maintain your home or office pipes and plumbing. Neglect can lead to corrosion, blockages, and health hazards, such as the development of mold, fungus, water-borne diseases, and mildew. Clogs can happen anytime at any point along your network of pipes. In most cases clogs are caused by food waste, hair, toilet paper, dirt, and even mineral build-ups, soap, and tree roots. The first sign of a potential clog is slow drainage. If you suspect you have a clog or leak, contact us immediately.

What We Offer

Drain Cleaning and Repair Services

The pipes in your Salt Lake City and Park City home or office work all day every day. It’s important to schedule regular maintenance in order to avoid future problems. Our contractors are trained to clean and unclog your pipes, identify leaks, and perform drain inspections. They come fully equipped with specialized snaking devices, video inspection devices, augers, motorized rooters, and cutting tools to get your pipes and plumbing working at full power again.

We also offer slip lining, a process, which involves inserting a smaller pipe into an existing damaged pipe. This allows us to effectively replace pipes without tearing up your walls or yard. Another service we provide is pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves using a device that travels through a pipeline and breaks it up into small pieces while pulling the new pipe through at the same time. Again, this is a minimally invasive process that results in new plumbing.

Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning

When regular drain cleaning techniques don’t work, it’s likely that there is a large clog somewhere along the pipe. In this case, our team uses hydro jetting to clear the pipe. Hydro jetting is a powerful way to clean drains and pipes.

This process doesn’t require chemicals and is safe for use on all types of pipes. The high pressure of the water easily removes debris, grease, and mineral deposits. We recommend hydro jetting as part of regular plumbing maintenance to prolong the life of your pipes and ensure efficient draining.

Sewer Services

Sometimes a clog may happen in the sewer line. We offer regular sewer inspections and cleaning, as well as emergency sewer cleaning and general sewer repairs. Our Salt Lake City and Park City technicians can easily identify the problem and won’t go home until the repairs are complete. They will ensure your home is safe and the plumbing is working properly again.

Depending on your sewage system, we may also advise installing trench-less sewer lines. These sewer lines will help us avoid excavating your yard should future problems occur.