Finding A Water Leak Inside Your Wall: The Ultimate Guide

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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As a homeowner, if there’s anything you want to avoid in your home, it’s a leak. Not only can leaks cause severe water damage to your home, but sometimes you don’t even know they’re there. At Tingey Plumbing, Heating & Air, in Salt Lake City and Park City, handling leaks is our everyday routine, so we’re going to provide you with expert advice on how to find a water leak inside your wall.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “How the heck can you find a water leak inside a wall?”. It’s simpler than it sounds. Water leaks give away tons of clues that will let you know where they are. We’ll be discussing those clues, how expert plumbers fix water leaks, and helpful tips on dealing with a water leak.

However, if you find a water leak inside your wall, the best thing to do is call us on (801) 262-8464, and we can get it fixed in no time!

Indicators of a Water Leak Inside Your Wall

  • Wet areas on the wall. If there are any wet areas on your walls, this is a sure way to confirm there is a water leak. Keep in mind that the location of the wet area is not necessarily where the leak is. Sometimes leaks will travel down from their origin to other parts of the wall.
  • A musty smell in the room. If you constantly smell a musty stench in a room or throughout your house, it is most likely a water leak.
  • Discoloured areas on your wall. This is a huge giveaway that there is a leak. The water will cause the paint on your wall to be discoloured.
  • Mold in unlikely areas. If you find mold in areas that aren’t usually moist, like the bathroom, you might have a water leak.
  • The sound of water dripping. If you close your faucets and a dripping sound persists, that is a sign of a water leak.
  • High water bill. Although this won’t help you find the leak, it will give you a sign that one exists.

How Expert Plumbers Locate Water Leaks

  • Before using any equipment, plumbers will do a walkthrough of your home to find any clues or signs of where the water leak is.
  • The plumber will also check your water meter to get a rough idea of how much water was used.
  • Then, using sound detection equipment, the plumber will look for underground leaks and leaks inside your walls.
  • Once the plumber has found the origin of the leak, they will use the best method to repair it, preventing water damage to your home.

Tools That You Can Use to Find A Water Leak Inside Your Wall

  • Infrared camera. This device detects the coldest areas of your wall, which will show up as blue or purple on the camera. Plumbing professionals often use this device.
  • Moisture meter. Using a moisture meter, you point this device at various areas of your wall. The highest reading on the meter will reveal where the leak is.
  • Cut into your drywall. Reserve this as a last resort option. You cut into your drywall so you can look inside your walls to locate the leak.

The Sooner You Call A Professional, The Better

Time is extremely important when you have a water leak inside your walls. The longer you leave the leak, the more chance you have of extreme water damage to your home and mold growing around your home. Although there are proven methods you can use to locate the water leak yourself, it is always best to call a professional first. Tingey Plumbing, Heating & Air has a team of highly qualified professional plumbers who would be happy to assist you, keeping your family and your home safe. Call us on (801) 262-8464 and depend on efficient, reliable service.

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