Finding out how water heaters work

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Modern water heaters still work the same way as the ones made by previous generations
  • The main difference is that today, the water heaters are able to work more efficiently
  • The anode rod serves as a sacrificial rod that will attract all the rust and corrosion so that the tank will not easily deteriorate
  • If you use the hot water tap too much, the water will turn cold until the hot water tank is able to catch up with your needs

A lot of water heaters still work the same way they used to for several generations. The main difference is that today, modern ones are more efficient. In general, water heaters work simply by keeping a giant pot of water hot so that it can easily be accessed as soon as the need arises.

Using the dip tube, a long tube that leads into the tank, cold water is piped in where it is heated through a burner. The burner can use either gas or electricity, as soon as the water has been heated, it will rise to the top where it will be drawn out towards the bathroom or the kitchen.

An anode rod serves as a sacrificial rod that will help attract oxidizing agents that causes rust and corrosion. This will help you avoid getting the tank, and the pipes which are made from steel, rusted.

The water storage tank will vary in size, you can have a tank that will be able to contain as much as 80 gallons or as little as 20 gallons. For a house that caters to a single family, you might want to have a water tank that can store as much as 30-40 gallons. If there is increased usage of hot water, the hot water tap will run cold until the water in the tank gets heated properly.

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