How Can High Water Pressure Affect Your Plumbing System?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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The majority of individuals are unconcerned with the water pressure in Salt Lake City. Those who have presumably contended with low water pressure make showering and other domestic duties difficult.

On the other hand, high water pressure is a less typical issue in a home’s plumbing system. In most American houses, the water pressure is between 45 and 55 PSI. Any pressure of more than 60 PSI creates plumbing issues and pipe damage.

Causes of Excessive Water Pressure

While low water pressure is obvious right away, excessive water pressure is more difficult to detect:

Leaking faucet: High water pressure might cause a faucet to leak. If the problem only occurs at a certain time or when using a different fixture, high water pressure might be the cause.

Pipes that scream: Water hammers are caused by high water pressure. The hammering sound produced when water blast waves abruptly halt called “hammers.”

Rattling pipes: The water pressure may be too high if the pipes rattle around when carrying water.

High water bills: Bills rise because a high water force distributes more water.

Water spurts when opening on a faucet, continuously running toilets, and excessive plumbing sound are further indicators.

How awful is it when there’s a lot of water pressure?

High water pressure has several negative consequences for your water pipes, among other things. To begin with, your plumbing system may squander your water supply, perhaps increasing your expenses by 30%.

Second, water-using appliances might be severely damaged. Dishwashers and washers are normally set to the lowest possible water pressure. High water pressure can lead to an early breakdown, resulting in costly repairs. Frequent plumbing inspection services might help you avoid these problems.

Finally, excessive water pressure, particularly in old pipes, can cause significant damage. It might make your pipes more prone to breaking and cracking. Water leaks might result in waste and harm in the end.

Addressing Water Pressure Issues

High water pressure is comparable to those high blood pressure. It can cause serious and irreparable harm if you don’t catch it early.

Factors beyond your control can cause high water pressure. The local freshwater system, for example, might be delivering high-pressure water into your house. On the other hand, plumbing repair service providers may assist in resolving this issue by placing a water pressure limiter at the water main.

Experts are also the ideal people to deal with pipe scaling and clogs. Your local plumbers can repair any pipes or faucets that have been damaged by excessive water pressure.

Do you require assistance in resolving a high water pressure issue?

It’s better if you never neglect a high water pressure issue. This problem, which poses a serious threat to pipelines, devices, and the entire plumbing system, demands your quick attention. Think about hiring a water inspection service to guarantee that your home’s plumbing system is excellent.

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