How much does a Plumbing leak cost?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • The plumbing in the home works as a single system that needs proper maintenance and repairs in order to run efficiently.
  • A musty smell and moisture on the walls will mean that there is a plumbing leak nearby.
  • If the leak and the wet spots are left untreated, black mold will soon develop
  • If water is accumulating in the flooring, and there are loose tiles near the shower or tub, there might be a water leak in your bathroom
  • The best way for you to avoid costly repairs is to make sure that you watch out for potential problems and by having leaks repaired as soon as possible.

The smallest water leak in the home can cause a lot of damage especially when it is not fixed right away. Many of the damage that a water leak can cause are actually very expensive to repair.

The plumbing in the home works as a single system that is composed of the shower, the bathtub, the bathroom sink, and the kitchen sink.

In order for this system to work efficiently, it needs to be maintained properly. It might also require the help of a professional plumber from time to time especially when something in the system fails to function properly.

Leaks if left undetected or untreated for a very long time can give homeowners a huge headache.

Dealing with mold

The plumbing leak can damage your walls especially when the pipes that run behind the walls begin to leak or burst. The leak will moisten the drywall where it will create wet spots on the walls.

A musty smell as well as wetness on the walls will most likely mean that you have a leak. You will have to call a professional plumber to have it fixed right away. Depending on the severity of the leak, you might need to replace a section of the drywall.

If the leak has not been detected, or if the wet spots have not been dealt with, the moisture can lead to the development of black mold. You will then have to call a plumber for the leak, a carpenter to fix the damaged wall section, as well as a mold remediation company to help you get rid of the black mold.

This of course, will cost you a lot of money.

For example, you will need to spend as much as $400 to replace 100 square feet of drywall. Mold remediation on the other hand can cost from $500 to $3000.

Dealing with the fixtures and the flooring

Plumbing leaks can also damage the flooring. The water will always flow downhill, which is why leaks in the kitchen, the bathroom, or from the upstairs bath will often damage the flooring as the water pools below.

Leaks in the bathroom can cause tiles to become loose especially near the tub or along the shower. It can also cause water to accumulate on the floors even though there were no spills or splashes from the bathroom.

Leaks in the kitchen on the other hand, will cause floorboards to warp or discolor. You can see this happening near the dishwasher, the sink, or near refrigerators with a water line.

If your home uses hardwood floors, you will have to pay as much as $30 per square foot to replace the damaged ones. Although replacing single tiles will not cost much, you need to remember that you will be paying a lot of money for repairs if the subfloor of your bathroom gets damaged.

Installing new tiles, as well as removing and replacing damaged floorboards can cost you around $1500.

Aside from the flooring, leaks can also cause damage to sink taps, shower heads, and other fixtures. In most cases, the fixture will no longer work properly especially when rubber parts inside it will decay or will get stuck. It is also possible for them to have a significantly low water pressure as a result of the leak.

Depending on the material and brand of the fixture, a replacement may cost $100 or more.

Always watch out for Leaks

The best way to avoid having to spend a lot of money for repairs is to make sure that you watch out for potential leaks. The sooner you identify or fix a plumbing issue, the smaller the damage that you will have to deal with.

You should also watch out for signs of leak such as low water pressure in the shower, water discolorations, or slow draining. You should also look out for excess water on the flooring, loose tiles around the tub, as well as damp walls. If the kitchen has a leak or a plumbing problem, it will have discolored water, and it will also make a rattling noise when the faucet is being used.

Keeping repair costs to a minimum

If you want to avoid costly repairs, then you need to watch out for potential problems. If you notice any of the signs mentioned happening in your home, you might want to call a professional plumber right away. The plumber can help identify the problem and he can also help you with the repairs.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to plumbing leaks, the longer you leave it alone, the more money it will cost you later on.

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