How to Clean Air Vents and Air Ducts

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Look inside the air vent of any HVAC system, you will find a whole load of debris, bug fragments, and hairs. Overtime the accumulation increases, leading to polluted air all around the house. That is why HVAC professional from Salt Lake City recommend regular cleaning.

The only way you can ensure clean air across the house is by cleaning the air vents and ducts from time to time. Else, it can lead to respiratory problem and several other health issues. Moreover, if someone in the house has an existing condition that is even more of a reason to be careful.

While we always recommend seeking professional help, there are some easy ways to maintain the cleanliness. In this write up, we are going to explain how you can keep the air ducts and vents cleaner.

Where to start?

Start the cleaning by gathering some very important cleaning accessories and mechanical tools. To begin with get a:

Vacuum Cleaner: While the task can be completed using a regular vacuum cleaner, it is better if you can rent a deep-cleaning vacuum. Some of the home improvement stores easily rent out their vacuums. If deep-cleaning equipment’s are not an option, go for a vacuum with plenty of attachments to help clean all the nooks and crannies.

Screw Driver: The air vents are tightened using screws. Therefore, you will need a standard screwdriver to open the vents. 

Scrub Brush: Once the vents are open to reveal the dust inside, you would need some long brush to scrub the debris. Let us warn you may find plenty of greases and dust inside.

Cleaning Cloth: Keep some tools like cleaning clothes and broom handy, as you would not want the mess spreading across the house.

Start the Cleaning Process

Step 1

Switch off the power the HVAC system, few hours before cleaning, so that the interior get enough time to cool-off.

Step 2

Remove the vents using a screwdriver and start cleaning with a brush to remove the dust. Do not refrain from using soap and water to clean stubborn spots.

Step 3

Once the vents are done, reach out for the air duct wall. Using a long-handle brush go as far as you can and loosen the dirt. Next use the vacuum cleaner to extract the debris and dirt out.

Step 4

The last step is to wipe the vent wall with a damp cloth. To reach the inner corners, use a stick or end of the brush covered with damp cloth.

Step 5

Now that you are done cleaning, put the vents back and let the interior dry completely. Make sure you clean up the mess left behind in the cleaning process.

Cleaning any HVAC system requires some planning and time. Make sure you have enough time to complete the job and all the tools are lined up. Even if the efficiency improves with the self-cleaning, do not miss the scheduled maintenance run. Professional carry all the preventive measure ensuring your system runs effectively without any wear and tear.

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