How to find a leak inside the wall?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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There is nothing scarier to homeowners than water leaking inside the wall. Not only it is hard to find the source of the leak, but also the repair process is complicated and costly. Thankfully, the experts in Salt Lake City can take care of your problem. Follow this article to find out more about water leaks inside walls and roofs. 

Signs of water leaks inside your wall

Water leaks whether it is in between the walls or the roof can be a serious problem in the long run. When water leaks in between the wall, it creates moisture in the surrounding area. If left untreated for long, they can be the breeding space for molds.

Finding the water leaks inside your home can be tricky. Sometimes it is so discreet that before you find the leak there could already be huge damage. If you are suspicious of leaks in the house, here are some signs that you should take notice of:

Discolored patches: Leaks inside the wall can ruin the fresh paint of your house. Look for spots where discoloration has appeared.

Mold in an unexpected place: Finding mold in the bathroom can be one thing, but these green spots in another corner of the house are serious issue. Black and brown molds point towards the leaky pipe.

Peeling wallpaper: If there are wallpapers on the walls, finding leaks becomes quite easy. Just look for swollen structures and that is the sign of a leak. 

Earthy smell – Just because you do not notice water around you, it does not mean there is no leak. Watch out for earthy and musty smell, which is there for no reason. 

Dripping sounds – If you are listening to dripping sound, even if the taps are tightly closed, it can be one of the pipes inside. 

Wet areas: Just because the wall is wet in a location, it does not mean it is a leaky spot. The water might have traveled from somewhere else. So, do not conclude just yet and take help from professionals. 

Leaving the pipes unchecked will not just ruin the building structure, but can also increase the bills. Be aware of it and get the leakage checked on time. 

What to do if there is a leak inside the wall?

Do not panic, as a leak inside a wall is a treatable situation, and here are some steps you can take to find the leak:

Check the plumbing 

To check if there is a water leak inside the walls, turn off all the taps and water using devices and record the stats of the water meter. Now wait for 3-4 hours and check the water meter again. 

Your water meter must be outside the house near the curb, and if you are located in a cold climate, it can be inside the house too. Find the concrete structure holding the water meter and read the stats. 

Water is measured in gallons or cubic feet. If it is an analog reader, you can check the sweeping hand and for digital display, shine a flashlight, and the display will switch between the rates of flow. If the reading has moved from its early position, it indicates leakage in the plumbing. 

Look for clogged gutters

Sometimes the gutter is clogged up due to leaves and debris. This might cause overflowing and then leakage of water through the floor. Check the gutter for clogging and get it cleaned if necessary. Else, you will have to call the professionals to get the house checked for leakage in the foundation walls and floors. 

Tests to check water leak inside a wall

Buy a moisture meter: Any of your nearest hardware stores can supply you with a moisture meter. Buy it and point across the suspected areas of the wall. The spot with the highest reading is where you need to concentrate. 

Infrared camera: The infrared camera can detect the colder area in the wall. The coldest area will come up as blue or purple, and that is how you can discover the culprit spot. 

Cut into your drywall – If nothing works, the last resort is to cut into the drywall. The experts will cut into the wall and will look around for dripping water. 

Before you jump to any conclusion, contact a plumbing professional in Salt Lake City. 

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