How to Install a Toilet Seat

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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How to Measure a Toilet Seat

Use a measuring tape to establish what size toilet seat will fit the bowl before purchasing a new one.

  1. To begin, locate the bolts that connect the seat to the bowl and measure the distance between them. 5 1/2 inches is the usual measurement.
  2. Measure the bowl’s width at its broadest point.
  3. Measure the length of the bowl from the seat bolts to the front edge of the bowl’s outside edge. Round bowls should be 16 1/2 inches long, and elongated bowls should be 18 to 18 1/2 inches long.

Choose the New Toilet Seat

For your new toilet seat, choose from a variety of styles.

  1. The majority of toilets are composed of high-impact plastic or plastic covering over wood, but additional materials include enamel, natural wood, molded wood, bamboo, and fiberboard.
  2. Standard (round) or extended toilet seats are the most common.
  3. Whisper close” lids are popular because they prevent the seat from slamming shut loudly.
  4. If you’re installing a particular item like a raised or heated toilet seat, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first.
  5. Toilet seats come in a variety of hues. Consider the impact of a contrasting hue, such as a black toilet seat against a white toilet.

Remove the Old Toilet Seat

  1. Clean the old seat, as well as the toilet bowl and rim, before removing it.
  2. Find the seat bolts that hold the seat to the bowl at the back of the bowl. If necessary, remove the bolt covers. A screwdriver may be required.
  3. Look for the nuts that connect the bolts towards the rear of the bowl. Turn counterclockwise to loosen the nuts from the bolts, either by hand or using an adjustable wrench. If the bolts and washers are also connected, remove the nuts and washers.
  4. Remove the bolts and remove the old toilet seat and hinges out. If at all feasible, recycle the old seat and any pieces.

Tip: If the old toilet seat bolts are obstinate, a spray of penetrating oil or a tiny hacksaw may be required to release them.

Position the New Toilet Seat

  • Take the new seat out of the box. The replacement seat should come with all of the necessary installation gear.
  • Align the new seat hinges over the bolt holes and place the new toilet seat lid on the rim.

If you want to be sure the seat is leveled, use a threshold.

Attach the New Toilet Seat

  1. \With the head of the bolt-on top, feed the bolts through the holes in each hinge and the toilet bowl.
  2. To ensure a secure connection, attach the nuts to the opposite end of the bolts and tighten clockwise by hand and then with the wrench. Put the washers on the bolts before the nuts if your hardware has them.
  3. Snap the plastic covers on the hinges if they have them.
  4. Jiggle the seat and open and close the lid to make sure it’s secure.

One of the simplest plumbing-related projects is installing a toilet seat, which may give your bathroom a rapid makeover.

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