How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While You Wait For the Plumber

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Oh, you’ve discovered a leaking pipe, and water is leaking everywhere! So, what exactly do you do? Instead of panicking in your moment of shock, take some deep breaths and apply a patch to buy you some time till the plumber comes. We can help you with that in Salt Lake City. If you’re going to fix a leaky pipe, be sure you…

Stop the Flow of Water

Before you do anything, turn off the water supply valve for that particular pipe. You can always turn off the primary shutoff valve until the plumber comes if you’re not sure which valve to turn off. Turn on the closest faucet to the leak once the water is turned off to drain any residual water from the pipe.

Clear Out the Area

Use this moment to clean up the surroundings now that the water supply has been cut off and the leak has been stopped (for the time being). Clean and dry the leaky pipe itself, as well as the surrounding cabinets and fixtures, mop up the floor and remove any nearby goods to avoid damages.

Prep the Pipe

You’ll need to examine the affected areas before you can put your temporary patch to the leaky pipe. Smooth up the leaky area with a file or a piece of rough sandpaper to remove any rust, limescale, or rough edges. If you do this, your patch will be more effective in the event that you have to turn on the water before the plumber comes.

Apply Water Pipe Epoxy

Plumber’s epoxy, which can be purchased at your local hardware shop, is the simplest approach to repair a leak. Rip out a sufficient amount of epoxy and start working it in your hands until it’s blended and good to use. To apply the epoxy, arrange it to cover the entire gap in the pipe and press it down. After you’ve applied it, smooth out the edges and let it sit for as long as the directions advise.

Why risk additional damage to your property when you can fix your leaky pipe with a quick and simple patch? You can rely on Len Thornton Heating and Plumbing when you need a local plumber to promptly fix a broken pipe (or even locate a leak you suspect). Call us at 801-565-7948 to learn more and to set up an appointment.

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