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Switching to water-saving plumbing fixtures helps you save water and save money on your water bills! The plumbing fixtures we propose in Salt Lake City and how much water they could save are listed below.

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)

Toilets are becoming more advanced as technology progresses. Not only are today’s versions more efficient, but they also look great! Many modern toilets have a double flush option, giving you the option of using a half or full flush to save water. For a full flush, these modern toilets require an average of 1.6 gallons of water. The bulk of older toilets, on the other hand, use up to 6 gallons of water per flush! Over time, this amount of water might pile up.

Dual Flow Water-Saving Aerator

Water-Saving Dishwashers & Washing Machines

Do you want to estimate how many gallons of water a typical washing machine consumes per load?

Up to 23 gallons is the solution! Water-saving washers cut this amount in half while still providing you with clean clothing and saving you money on your water bill. It’s been shown that using a dishwasher saves water when compared to hand-washing each dish in the sink, but did you know that water-saving dishwashers can save up to 4 gallons per load? These current versions are meant to clean your clothes and dishes while saving you money on your water bill by using less water.

Why Save Water?

Saving water, as we’ve discussed throughout this article, will, of course, cut your monthly water expenses. However, water conservation is critical to limit environmental damage. Water shortages may not be a concern where you live right now, but they are a major issue in locations like California, Texas, and Atlanta. Every drop of water saved counts, and switching to water-saving plumbing fixtures will save hundreds of gallons every year! For a free estimate or to arrange service, call us now.

If you aren’t in the market for new plumbing fixtures right now, you can still save water by turning off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving, regularly inspecting taps and pipes for leaks, taking shorter showers, and waiting until the washer is full before running it.

HET Toilet

Quality Shower Head

It’s crucial to remember that using a water-saving showerhead does not always imply you’ll have decreased water pressure. The usual showerhead consumes 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), while water-saving showerheads use just about 2 gallons per minute (GPM). That half-gallon of water adds up quickly — you can save 1,825 gallons of water in only one year! To avoid leaks, make sure your new shower head fits correctly on the shower arm, and call a professional if you need assistance locating and fixing the right shower valve for your house.

Water-Saving Faucets

Water-saving faucets also reduce the amount of water consumed per minute by a significant amount. The newest models can save you up to 30% on your monthly water expenses by using 1.5 GMP instead of the normal 2.2 GMP used by ordinary faucets. If you’re concerned about your sink’s water pressure, consider aerator-equipped faucets, which can save up to a gallon of water per minute while ensuring high water pressure by injecting air into the stream. This saves water by displacing it without affecting flow, pressure, or the ability to rinse.

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