How to Tell If It’s Time for a New Toilet

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Nobody likes to talk about toilets, but that should not be the reason to endure a troublesome and unhealthy washroom situation. In this article, we are going to talk about some situations that will help you determine, if your toilet system requires replacement. However, before we proceed, we are going to answer the most query that we receive from our audience in Salt Lake City. Do toilets have a limited life?

Yes, just like any other household system, even toilets give up at one time. Several mechanical elements like rubber flapper fill valve and pull chains are brought to use to create a fully functional toilet system. These mechanical elements have a limited life, which means; even your toilet will wear out at one time.

With time, you can also notice cracks and leaks in the outer body of the system. However, with the right cleaning steps, these less-talked-about systems will last longer.

Why replace old toilet system

  • Reduce water wastage
  • Prevent costly maintenance
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduce sewer waste flow

Signs that you need to buy a new toilet

Clogs and Overflows

Even though toilet technology has improved quite significantly over the year, clogging and overflows remain are a common trouble. This problem arises from flushing items like sanitary pads, wipes, tampons, and other paper materials. The older your toilet is the more likely you are to witness clogging and overflowing.

If you find yourself mopping and plunging every other day, consider it a call for system replacement. Call the plumbing experts of Salt Lake City and they will suggest what needs to be done.

Constant Running

We often ignore leaking toilet systems, but did you know it could add to your utility bills? If there is a water leak in the system, you need to check for issues with the flapper. There can be many reasons behind this happening. Maybe the flapper is worn out, wrongly adjusted, or damaged. Thankfully, replacing the flapper is not that expensive and can be done in minutes. However, if you ignore the leak, the problem might accelerate further.

Poor Flushing

A poor flushing system means regular embarrassment, especially if you are expecting guests in the house. So, better get it fixed, as it might take some time to fix the dreadful flushing.

Plumbers first look for low water levels and clogged bowls to get the system going. However, if it is none of it, there can be a case of worn-out parts. If you are into DIY, you can check for the water level yourself and even clean up the debris. Else, get help from the experts.

Ticking Sounds in the Tank

The constant ticking sound in the toilet system can be annoying. The reason behind the ticking is simple, either the fill-valve or float are worn out or need an adjustment. Once again, you can try to adjust the system yourself. If it does not work that means then you might need to change the fill-valve and float.

Consider changing the commode if it is cracked, stained, and faded, as it is neither safe nor aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the latest toilet systems come with a much-improved functionality and look.

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