How To Unclog a Sink in 5 Easy Steps

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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There are few things more frustrating in Salt Lake City, Utah than a clogged bathroom sink. Especially, when you’re in a hurry! When this happens, follow this brief guide to know how to unclog a sink.

Disconnect the Stopper

The problem is most likely built-up gunk on the stopper. First, disconnect the stopper. Under the sink, find the metal strip with holes. Unscrew the nut connecting the metal strip to the drain pipe. Pull the rod out to disconnect the stopper, and then clean it.

Snake the Drain

A hand-on snake is always a handy tool to have. While you’ve removed the stopper, insert the snake into the drank and push the handle, so the head spins inside the pipe. Doing this will remove debris from your drains like hair and product build-up. Repeat this until the snake comes out its cleanest.

Reinstall the Stopper

Put the stopper back in the drain and screw the nut back to the metal strip. To test the stopper, pull on the metal rod behind the faucet. When it works, fully open the drain and the faucet to check the water flow. If it does, the job is done! If it doesn’t, there’s another trick you can try.

Check the P-Trap

The P-trap is an elbow-shaped area of your plumbing. Snakes don’t reach this area. Place a bucket underneath the P-trap and unscrew connectors that hold the pipe in place. Throw out the water and debris into your bucket. Wipe out the pipes to remove debris.

Reattach the P-trap and open your faucet. There you have, flowing water!

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