Important Facts you need to Know when Using the Garbage Disposal

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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  • In newer garbage disposal models, a built-in circuit breaker can help prevent the motor from burning out
  • Never use eggshells to sharpen the blades because they are ineffective, and they can do a lot of harm to the unit
  • Never put hard food items, and non-food items in the disposal so you can avoid dulling the blades and damaging the motor

The garbage disposal is used to chop waste food into tiny bits that will not get clogged in the drain. When the disposal is turned on, the lugs will throw bits of food against a grinder as the motor spins. Water should be turned on while the disposal is running, this will help flush down the food particles.

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Just keep in mind that the disposal is not built to deal with all kinds of food waste.

How do you free a jammed disposal?

The disposal’s motor can easily burn out especially if the mechanisms get stuck. But if you have a reliable model, it may have a built-in circuit breaker that will turn off` the disposal to help you avoid damaging it.

To fix the disposal, find the hex-shaped hole at the bottom in its center. Use an alum wrench so you can turn the mechanism clockwise and counter clockwise until the disposal is free from the jam. As soon as it gets fixed, find the reset button so you can turn it on again.

How do you keep the disposal odor-free?

To get rid of the odor, fill half of the sink with soapy water. Allow the water to drain while simultaneously letting the disposal run. This will help remove any food debris lodged in the unit and it will also help clean the blades and other mechanisms inside.

You can also use ice to keep the disposal’s blades sharp. Just remember to do so occasionally, and make sure that you avoid using eggshells as these will not help sharpen the blades and particles from the eggshells can harm your disposal.

You can also use 3 cups of lemon juice, or 1 cup of vinegar to remove the odors. Just let it sit in the disposal for 10-30 minutes, and then flush it with hot water afterward.

How can you avoid damaging your disposal?

First of all, you should avoid throwing away fibrous vegetables and foods into the disposals so you can keep the blades in good condition. This includes potato skins, corn husks, celery, and other similar items.

You should avoid putting grease and fat inside the disposal, and you should keep in mind that grease can cause odors, clogs, and it can also make the blades less effective. Items that are non-food should not be placed inside the disposal, they will not break down, and they will not wash down the drain. They can also cause a lot of damage to your disposal.

Bones, seeds, pits, and other hard food wastes can dull or break the disposal’s blades. They can cause jams and they can even cause the motor to burn-out.

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