Licensing fosters credibility

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Often people have a desire to change their homes and business’s for a variety of reasons.  Those reasons can be directed to obtaining more livable space, updating rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, or just modernizing as it relates to new products or equipment, or a variety of other reasons.  One of the first items on your list for making these changes would be to connect yourself with a reliable licensed trade professional.  In the plumbing, heating, and usually electrical trades the term licensed and professional should be synonymous.  A professional will not want to remain unlicensed since it is a normal requirement by the local governmental agencies for most states, and cities, and because they want to comply with those laws.  They also realize that by not being licensed they create an air of uncertainty relating to their qualifications and abilities.  A lesser known issue to a property owner is the exposure they may open themselves to in the areas of workman’s compensation claims due to jobsite injury, and jobsite liability claims relating to substandard work being denied for insurance coverage.  If many of those claims are made they usually fall back onto the property owner’s personal policy covering the structures for which the claim was made.  This creates an undo burden on the property owner(s) and should be covered in the cost of normal business engaged in by a licensed trade professional through their own business’s policies, which again most states and cities require for licensure.  In most cases it also is an indication that they will hire licensed apprentices, journeymen, or masters of the craft they are working in.

We advise anybody undertaking changes to their home or place of business to hire only properly licensed, insured, bonded contractors in the field the work is classified under.  While handymen are somewhat handy, the term “jack of all trades and master of none” has merit for a reason.  Usually if they are following license laws they have very rigid restraints on what they are allowed to do, and if they are complying with those laws they will be forthcoming on those restrictions.  We also encourage calling the state or city agency responsible for licensure to check the status of the license, and call for reviews or references from satisfied customers.  This can also be accomplished very well on the web.

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