Parts for the Bathtub You Should Always Have on Hand

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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It’s sometimes more straightforward for homeowners to solve problems on their own. Minor, simple repairs provide customers with a greater understanding of their home’s fixtures and appliances and a feeling of achievement while removing the dread associated with more extensive undertakings.

While toilets, sump pumps, and sewage lines provide some unexpected difficulties, there are spots on sinks and bathrooms where homeowners may quickly and effectively discover and correct problems. Most of the time, it’s about having the correct component on hand to fix the problem rapidly. These are the components to have at home for rapid bathtub part replacements for homeowners eager to solve problems themselves and ready to get a bit filthy to handle bathtub troubles before they become a big problem.

O-Rings and washers

Rubber washers and O-rings are vital components to have on hand, not just for the tub but also for sinks, since they fit in between tub sections and other fixtures. Having a range of sizes can be beneficial, but be sure to stock up on dimensions for the bathtub outflow and valve assembly, especially (behind and within the handle).

Handles and Spouts When it comes to handles, having a replacement set of handlebars and spouts on hand is a good idea if one of the existing set’s pieces breaks. Switching out these elements is also a fast method to refresh the appearance of a bathtub to line it with the bathroom better.


The gasket is a little rubber ring that lies within the drain, behind the faceplate, and is comparable to washers. Gaskets may dry up and shatter as they age, resulting in leaks. Having a spare on hand ensures that an old gasket may be swiftly replaced before a bit leak becomes a major one.

Screws, nuts, and bolts

Always have backups of the tiniest, most critical connecting components in every fixture. When a nut, screw, or bolt breaks, wears out or becomes stripped, having the proper nut, screw, or bolt-on hand means refastening or resolving a problem immediately, rather than delaying or making an emergency trip at an inconvenient time.


A backup drain, which may be bought in kits, is essential. If anything goes wrong with the present drain, such as too much hair or debris obstructing it, having a functional backup drain on hand ensures that the tub can be used again. Many tubs can also accommodate several sorts of drainage, so if your present setup isn’t working, try upgrading to a model with a different drain type.

Finding a secure storage space for a handful of extra components is more straightforward than a leaking tub, temperamental tub handle, or flooded bathroom, even if it involves coming up with novel and inventive methods to keep the goods. Even yet, if the prospect of changing a bathtub component is too overwhelming, homeowners can feel free to seek assistance. There’s nothing wrong with enlisting the help of a specialist to guarantee that the task is completed correctly and without anxiety or stress.

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