Garbage Disposals

Do you have a garbage disposal that needs repairs or upgrading? Perhaps you want to install a new disposal? Our professionals are ready and qualified to help.

When picking out a disposer you can pick out anything from the Moped to the Jaguar. Most new homes built today come with the basic inexpensive disposer, the one that you have to be careful what you put down and how much you put down. When homeowners decide it is time to replace it they ask what should I replace it with? We recommend replacing it with a model in the Insinkerator PRO Series. They have five models to choose from and all will fill more than the basic needs of the homeowner. Make sure when you pick out your new disposer that it has these features such as ¾ to 1.1 Horsepower, 6 to 12 Year Warranty, Auto Reverse Grinding Chamber, Anti-Microbial Baffle and most important of all that it is Quiet. With the Insinkerator Pro disposals you can send down the potato peels and orange peels and all the things that you were afraid to put down your disposal before. As always remember to run water when the disposer is running and run until you cannot here it grinding anymore, then turn off the disposer and run the water to clean the disposer for a few minutes while the water carries the debris down the drain. Good Luck and Happy Disposing.

When A Garbage Disposal Won’t Run

If your garbage disposal isn’t working or turning on, you may need to reset it using the red overload protector button located at the bottom of the garbage disposal. Before pushing the reset button, turn the power to the garbage disposal off. Then, push the reset button. If the reset button does not stay in a “pushed in” position, wait 10 minutes before trying to push it again. If the button stays pushed in, turn on cold water and turn the disposal on. The garbage disposal should run again.

Helpful Hints for a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Sometimes food or other random objects may cause a clog or jam in the disposal. If your garbage disposal is jammed, there are a few techniques you can try before calling your plumber:

*NEVER put your hand in the disposal and always make sure the POWER IS OFF.*

Garbage Disposal

Fix the jam from the bottom:

Some garbage disposals come with a key that fits into the bottom of the disposal. After ensuring that there is no power going to your garbage disposal, insert the key and rotate it from side to side. This action wiggles the spinning plate of the disposal and can dislodge the clog.

Dislodge the jam from the top:

If your garbage disposal doesn’t have a key or slot on the bottom to allow you to turn the plate, you can use a long handle, such as that of a broom. Put the broom handle into the garbage disposal and push the impellers in a counterclockwise motion to dislodge the jam.

If you know that something fell into the disposal that shouldn’t have, you should use needle nose pliers to safely reach in and remove the object. If your disposal still isn’t working as it should, then contact your local, professional plumber.