Our plumbing professionals can deal with the simplest to the toughest plumbing issues. Clients can expect affordable, reliable service to keep their plumbing in excellent working order.

Our Salt Lake City and Park City Utah plumbers have a vast experience when it comes to common plumbing problems or plumbing repairs and can help all homeowners by keeping their plumbing systems in excellent condition. Since we all know that pipes, fixtures, faucets, and other myriad plumbing items on the market are not created equal and neither are the installations of these products, some of the most common plumbing problems you might have are pipe leaks, faucet drips or drain clogs. Although these are the easiest plumbing issues to repair, some of them could be masking larger problems that would require more than the basic knowledge, tools and ability to correct.

As Salt Lake City and Park City Utah plumbing, heating and air conditioning experts, you can trust us to get the job done right and deliver high quality and fast service. Because our customers are our number one priority and we want to build strong relationships with them, we also take great care in educating our family of customers. Whether high end or budget, you need to know how your product should perform. Your expectations dictate your final purchase and we want you to be happy with the purchase of your choice.

If water runs through it, from it, or makes it operate our Salt Lake City and Park City Utah plumbers are the only call you need to make for repair or new installations.

At Tingey Plumbing, we specialize in high quality new home plumbing systems installations, designed to deliver complete satisfaction.

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