For air conditioning installations around Park City and Salt Lake City, Tingey Plumbing, Heating & Air is the place to call. In addition to installations, we provide repairs, tune-ups, and part replacements. We want to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable!

When it comes to installations, repairs, and tune-up of air conditioners in Salt Lake City, or Park City, Utah, you will need to have a service provider that can give you certified technicians, as well as guaranteed workmanship.

What can you expect from us?

During installations, you can ask us for expert advice so you can purchase an AC that can meet your expectations and give you more value for your money. With the help of our experienced technicians, we will make sure that each air conditioner that we install will work properly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We will also gladly resolve any problems that you may encounter with our workmanship or when it comes to our personnel.

Here’s what we offer

AC Installation

Installing a new air conditioning system, or getting your old one swapped can be quite expensive. And the only way for you to ensure that you will not be spending more money unnecessarily is by getting a contractor that you can give you the right equipment as well as the best results. Our company can provide you with a wide array of products, and we will gladly help you choose one that will fit your needs and budget. We can also help you install it in your own home. We consider the following factors in the selection of a new AC:

  • Your budget
  • The size of your house
  • The type of AC you need
  • The energy efficiency
  • Drainage options

AC repair

Our AC experts specialize in providing comprehensive repairs for different types of AC units. You can contact us anytime you feel that your AC is no longer working properly, or whenever your AC starts to fail. You should also contact us for repairs whenever you have an increased electricity consumption because of your AC use, when your AC starts to leak, or when it is no longer able to provide adequate cooling.

For your AC repair needs, we can provide you with prompt action by sending in our repair experts when your system starts to malfunction or fail unexpectedly. We can send in our technicians to help diagnose the problems, to provide you with estimates, and to supply you with common replacement parts. This will allow you to avoid having to spend a lot of money on a new AC unit or to go through a hot summer night without any air conditioning. When it comes to repairs, we focus on giving you cost-effective solutions that are done in a timely manner.

AC Repair
AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

When it comes to AC maintenance, our expert technicians will look for small worn-out parts so that they can be replaced before they will cause major problems. You can hire us for annual maintenance so that your AC will not have any loose parts, and will not have debris in the cooling system. Our technician can also help you by cleaning the condenser coils and by cleaning air filters.


The main goal of the AC tune-up is to allow homeowners to get huge returns in exchange for a small amount of money. This is done by allowing expert technicians to replace worn-out parts, recover lost efficiency, and help you reduce your AC’s operating expense. Tune-ups are very important especially if you plan on having your Air conditioner run for years to come.

To help you maintain your AC unit, we can provide you with tune-up services that will help make sure that it will continue to run properly. Our tune-up service can also help check your AC for safety issues. We will address problems by adjusting the components within your AC so that it will be at its optimum running condition.

What you need to know!

When it comes to our AC services in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, here’s what you need to know:

  • We will check switches and controls first during repairs so you can avoid having to buy expensive components.
  • We can help correct sizing or installation system deficiencies.
  • We can provide equipment or system maintenance or repair service annually or when needed.
  • We can provide high-velocity air conditioning systems for retrofit or new installation applications.