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 This was a question I posed to myself over 20 years ago and being in the plumbing business I decided to make myself a guinea pig and find out.  In the quest to know I installed one in my own house and prepared myself to determine the answer.  I believed I could not have an adequate answer for honest searchers without experiencing first hand the results.  My conclusion, soft water is better for several reasons that in my way of thinking out weigh the negatives you normally encounter.  I will attempt to list the positives and negatives in no particular order or system of ranking.  Negative number one, my skin feels slippery when I use soft water.  It will, due to your skins own body oils that are not covered with the sticky products of hard water, namely calcium and magnesium.  These are the two minerals you normally encounter on your shower walls and faucets and to some degree the toilet bowl that everyone is aware of.

Since the main benefit is getting rid of white hard water deposits I think anything that would accomplish that would be a great trade off.  More importantly if you use less soap, (which is another benefit of soft water) your skin will not feel as slippery if that is something you can’t get used to, or don’t want to get used to.  Negative number two I have to buy those pesky bags of salt.  True no question.  Negative number three, what about all that water you use when you regenerate the softener, I’m trying hard to be green.  You will use water to regenerate however we are in this day and age pretty water conscious when it comes to manufacturing.  Softener companies try to regenerate more efficiently using less water, and with demand heads the unnecessary regenerations of the past are gone your water softener will control when the regeneration is needed which helps with the efficiency off that process.  That is pretty much the general list of negatives.  Now positive number one, your hair, and skin are cleaner, and healthier.  Once you dry off, the slippery feeling is gone so problem solved.  Positive number two, no more trying CLR or some other de-liming product to clean shower doors, walls, toilet bowls, faucets, aerators, shower heads, ect.  Positive number three, your clothes require less soap when washing, (think about your shower soap use again) they last longer, (that is why they call it soft water, otherwise it is hard on your clothes), they look brighter, and cleaner, your dishes also require less soap and everything costs you less in the soap department, I think that, is greener in the long run.  Positive number four, you won’t be replacing dishwashers, faucets, or fixtures prematurely, in many cases  dishwashers can be ruined in as little as 2 years.  Positive number five, It’s better to wash your car with as it helps reduce the number of water spots that can form.  Positive number six, they last, most water softeners have a good track record for durability.  They hold up well in most cases without much in the way of repair cost.  Positive number seven, your kids will grow up knowing how clean they can feel (If you don’t taint them early on) and they will be comfortable in their own skin.  As you might guess I am a convert to soft water.  I can see it work, I can feel it work, and therefore I know it works.  How many other things can you say that about?  Consult with a plumber that knows his water softeners and you’ll be happy with the end result.  Now in conclusion you may be saying to yourself but what about the other things I hear about like Nuvo H2O, or Halo?  That is blog number two on this topic.  Stay tuned and if you like ask questions, were not afraid of questions!         

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