Should You Throw Coffee Grounds Down Your Sink?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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It’s not uncommon for us to throw out used coffee grounds in the sink. Many of us fall prey to this mistake. I’m sure you’re thinking, “I throw my coffee grounds down the sink and nothing wrong happens.” But here’s the deal. As one of Salt Lake City’s renowned plumbing services, we can validate that it’s a bad idea. Water doesn’t breakdown coffee grounds like many other foods such as rice and pasta. Instead, regularly throwing your coffee grounds down the garbage disposal, will cause them to clump. Doing this can become an issue as soon enough your garbage disposal will pack up.

Understandably, you’d think throwing coffee grounds down the garbage disposal is the best option in terms of convenience and cleanliness. If you’ve ever seen a dog tear open a trash bag with coffee grounds inside it, we don’t blame you for trying to prohibit that from happening. However, not finding an alternative method to dispose of your coffee grounds could cost you your garbage disposal. If you’re trying to rack your brain on how to dispose of your coffee grounds, don’t worry! We’re going to get into that. We have a few brilliant suggestions for how you can conveniently use coffee grounds. 

What to do with Coffee Grounds?

Here is a list of practical uses for coffee grounds. Instead of tossing your used coffee grounds down the sink, you can use them to benefit different facets of your life. Let’s dive into this!

  • Coffee grounds are great for fertilizing your garden. These grounds carry essential minerals that stimulate plant growth. 
  • You can also use coffee grounds to create compost. Compost enriches your soil with the nutrients and minerals it needs to thrive. Adding a few more ingredients combined with coffee grounds can make a fantastic compost!
  • There are components of coffee, namely caffeine, that bugs hate. You can sprinkle coffee grounds around your garden or outside to repel pests. You can also leave out bowls of coffee grounds around your house to keep bugs at bay.
  • If your pet has fleas, using coffee grounds can help get rid of them. You start by shampooing your pet, followed by rubbing coffee grounds throughout their fur. You then rinse them off and dry their fur.
  • Coffee grounds, like baking soda, are effective at removing odors. You can place a bowl of these grounds in your fridge and let the magic happen!
  • Coffee grounds can make cleaning ash from a fireplace seamless. You can start by sprinkling coffee grounds on the ash. Doing this weighs down the ash and prevents smoke clouds.
  • You can use coffee grounds as a body or face scrub too! You can create this scrub by mixing coffee grounds with coconut oil. You then gently massage the scrub into your skin. This will exfoliate your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 
  • You can also use coffee grounds to exfoliate your scalp and prevent the build-up created by styling products. Also, coffee grounds are great for increasing hair growth. 
  • If you have under-eye circles, coffee grounds can reduce them. The high levels of caffeine and antioxidants present in coffee lessen the appearance of under-eye circles.

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