Smart Thermostats

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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  • Smart thermostats can be expensive
  • Not only is the smart thermostat efficient and energy-saving, it can also be very convenient
  • There are three main brands of smart thermostats

It’s time to upgrade your home for the 21st century! As you know, your thermostat is what allows you to control the temperature of your home. In Salt Lake City and Park City, you want to be able to adjust the temperature, to make your home as warm or cool as you like. Over the years, the thermostat has changed and developed from a simple dial to something digital to something programmable, and, finally, to today’s smart thermostat.

Why a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats register patterns, note your behavior, observe your likes and dislikes and program themselves based on this data. Additionally, they can be adjusted remotely, meaning you have complete control over your HVAC system no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Smart thermostats can be expensive, costing anywhere from $250 – $350 dollars, plus installation fees, but many people believe they are worth it in the long run, especially if you own your apartment or home. For renters, a smart thermostat may not be the best option unless you can safely uninstall your thermostat when it’s time to move.

If you love gadgets and monitoring your energy use and how you might improve your usage, a smart thermostat may be for you. The smart thermostat allows you to make constant adjustments to your system and maximize savings.

Not only is the smart thermostat efficient and energy-saving, it can also be very convenient. If you often forget to turn your thermostat down before leaving the house or going to bed, a smart thermostat could be a game changer. The technology of the smart thermostat will make all necessary adjustments with minimal involvement from you. This high-tech thermostat will keep your home comfortable and work in the most efficient way possible.

Choosing Your Smart Thermostat

There are three main brands of smart thermostats: ecobee, Honeywell, and Nest. Most smart thermostats learn your habits and perform based on this information. However, there are a couple of models that operate differently. The Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat uses a slightly modified technology that adjusts the temperature of your home depending on where you are located within it’s range. Likewise, the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat has the added component of voice control.

If you’re not sure which thermostat would best suit your needs, take some time to speak with a specialist.

Installing Your Smart Thermostat

If you feel comfortable enough to install your own smart thermostat- go for it! If not, contact your local contractor or an HVAC specialist. They can easily install most smart thermostat models that are on the market today.

Ready to install your smart thermostat? Call us today!

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