Nobody likes to get up on those freezing winter mornings to shovel the driveway. Even snow blowers are a chore. Thornton Plumbing and Heating provides snowmelt heating that eliminates the work you do to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear.

Imagine waking up after a big snowstorm and looking out to see your driveway is already clear. With a snowmelt system from Thornton, your dream could be a reality.

Snowmelt systems have an automatic snow detection system. The system will kick in as the first flakes are hitting the ground. Your driveway will heat up just enough to keep the snow from accumulating. When your driveway is dry, the system automatically shuts off. No wasted energy and no wasted money.

Snowmelt systems works the same as radiant heating for the home. Warm water is passed through special pipes underneath your driveway and sidewalk beds. The warm water heats up your driveway or sidewalk, keeping them snow and ice-free all winter long.

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