Spooks Lives to Meow Another Day

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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It was very early in the morning when Rebecca called with a request to retrieve Spooks (one of the family cats) from the inside of the furnace duct work. We had installed the system in June of 2010 and she figured that if anyone would be able to save this tiny cat, it would be Tingey Plumbing & Heating. We had a full schedule so we had to move our first customer, Pet Stop Clinic to the next day. Needless to say they were very understanding of the life or death rescue of this cat. Our HVAC technician Rob announced that this would be his second rescue of an animal, in trouble, although the first rescue did not have the best ending. Rob started his diagnosis of where the tiny cat had entered the duct work and started his tracking of the cat in the system, as Spooks continued to move and make his presence known Rob eventually tracked him to a wall area. Sheetrock was carefully removed from the wall and a furnace camera was inserted into the recesses of the wall and to everyone’s delight Spooks was located and was  crouched just out of reach.

After considerable coaching from his owner Spooks finally emerged relatively unharmed and ecstatic that he was back in the safety of his owners arms. No major harm done other than the trauma of being in the heating system for a more than half a day. Thanks to Rob this story has a happy ending.

Moral of the story……Spooks has used up one of his 9 lives. Rob is a successful cat rescue technician. Tingey Plumbing & Heating made a difference in the world this day : )

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