The New Wave In Clean Drains

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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The New  Wave In Clean Drains

Tingey plumbing & heating has been cleaning drains in Salt Lake City and Summit County for 27 years and doing a thorough job of that the whole time. but now the nature of thorough has changed with a new “wave” in the industry. That wave sweeps drains clean as it power scrubs the inside of the line clean. That word clean is pretty powerful when you compare it  to the commonly used word in the industry of clear. Many company’s will promise to clear your line. This means by definition making the drain allow water to move through and  release  standing water. It does not , and never has meant to clean the line . Let’s talk about that for a minute. When you clean your drain line it means you  restore it to did when it was originally installed in its new condition. Since each drain line usually handles drainage from more than one drain that is important to you. Salt Lake City, and Summit County drains can be cleaned with the new wave. What exactly is that new wave?

 It is often called hydro jetting, or water jetting .  Sometimes you will hear it called hydro cleaning , or power jetting. This is accomplished with water the most common cleaning solvent known to man. Water is pressured from 1,600 to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) pressure and sprayed through the entire length of your line. This powerful way of cleaning  drains scrubs off the tough items and washes all of the debris away. The best part is it won’t hurt the piping . if your piping is in proper condition without leak areas already present , it will leave the pipe in its proper condition.

In addition the biggest enemy to the common drain, grease is  pulverized, liquefied and sent  packing from your drain. No more high and low spots as are left as they are from auguring or (snaking) the lines as is normally the case. The lines is flushed by a “wave” (picture a tidal wave) of water moving the nasty stuff down the line leaving a CLEAN fully open drain ready to act like it did years ago.

 Imagine if we could do the same things we did years ago when we were like new. Just like new technology replaces old in all aspects of life it has replaced the way we used to look at approaching cleaning f the drain lines in your home . and the best news of all is your between drain cleaning can increase from yearly to multi yearly, in some cases 3-5 years or longer. Obviously there are variables as to how the original of the job and the pressure used to scrub the line. Our new motto “Scrub Clean Don’t Augur Clear That Way You Will Save On Tears”

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