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Trees are a beautiful thing.  They beautify our yards, parks, businesses, schools and just about everything around us.  They also provide shade from the hot summer sun, shelter from the rain, and protection from the snow.  However their roots can be a real problem when it comes to sewer piping for your house.  Salt Lake City, and Park City drain cleaning by Tingey Plumbing & Heating understands the best solution on main drain lines is to get to the root of the problem, because in most cases you can trace your drain issue back to your roots (a little play on words). 

Here is the bottom line.  Salt Lake City drain cleaning, and Park City drain cleaning need to be done by licensed professionals who know how to deal with these issues.  But first lets get some of the facts out in the open.  First roots are not the enemy they only go where they can get nourishment and the food they crave is water.  They don’t care about the quality of the water just the water.  For a tree to send roots your way those roots have to find water.  Usually this is from a sag, break, shift, or any other misalignment of your sewer line.  These reasons for these problems vary and some are related to improper installation but most are due to age, use, and normal wear and tear. 

When your root problem becomes noticeable it is because the roots have become plentiful and are increasing in size.  This will sometimes happen in multiple places in your line depending on various factors.  The most common of these factors is once you have a defect it usually is due to water leaving through that area and causing the line to settle or move which will cause more of the same type of areas and more water loss into the soil. 

Tingey Plumbing & Heating has been addressing these type of issues for 27 years with equipment that is designed to first, eliminate the root cause (more word play) then provide a list of solutions for our customers to choose from so the problem can be eliminated not just solved temporarily.

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