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Are you unclear if your Salt Lake City house has hard water? If that’s what’s flowing through your pipes and out of your faucets, you may be in for a world of trouble.

Hard water may block pipes, leave soap scum behind that is difficult to clean, cause appliances to wear out, and much more. Even though your water is treated by your municipality, it does not imply that hard minerals are eliminated.

Hard water is found in 85 percent of American houses, with an average hardness level of 13 grains per gallon. This is regarded as “very hard.”

There’s a quick method to find out whether your home has hard water without needing to do a test. All you need is a clean water bottle and some pure liquid soap to get started. To put your water to the test, follow these procedures.

1. Fill a Clear Container with Water

To begin, locate a transparent container, such as an empty plastic water bottle. Because we want to appear more scientific, we’re utilizing elegant Erlenmeyer flasks.

Fill your container with water from your faucet approximately a third of the way up. We used both hard and soft water for our test, so you can notice the difference at the end.

2. Squeeze in Some Pure Liquid Soap

In your container, spray roughly 10 drops of soap. The best liquid soap is pure liquid soap. Do not use detergent soap since it has additives that will bias the findings of the test.

Castile soap is effective since it has minimal chemicals and contains no colors or scents.

3. Shake Vigorously!

This is the most enjoyable part. To generate soapy bubbles, shake the container for at least 10 seconds to mix up the soap and water. Remember to put on the cap first!

4. Look for Suds and Water Clarity

It’s now time to go at the findings. You most likely have soft water if your container has a lot of suds at the top and the water beneath the bubbles turns beautiful and clear.

Nevertheless, if you don’t get a lot of suds after shaking and your water is hazy, you probably have hard water. You can keep doing this test by adding additional soap. The harder your water is, the more soap you’ll need to make bubbles, and the more soap you’ll waste cleaning your house and doing laundry!

Why Does This Happen?

Minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, inhibit soap from producing suds and prevent it from cleaning efficiently. This is because the soap binds with the dissolved minerals, resulting in a cloudy liquid and residue on your shower, dishes, hair, skin, and clothing.

Detergents are made with ingredients that cause suds in hard water, which is why we advised you not to use one for this test. However, if your water is very hard, you’ll need to use extra soap and detergent to get suds.

You may have already seen indicators of hard water in your house. Do you have trouble getting a good lather in the shower? Are your hair and skin looking drab and flaky? Is there soap scum in your bathtub? All of these symptoms indicate that you are swimming in hard water.

These issues may be solved with the correct water softener.           

Get an Accurate Test of Hardness and Water Quality for Free!

This at-home hard water test is useful, but it isn’t totally accurate. You still don’t have a specific value for your water’s hardness level. There is also a slew of additional elements that have an influence on water quality.

Homeowners may get free in-home tests from our network of water treatment specialists. Your water will be tested for hardness, total dissolved solids, ph levels, and other factors at that time. We’ll work with you to figure out what’s causing any water issues you’re having, such as weird scents, taste, or look.

Due to ongoing environmental changes, if you own a well, you should test your water once a year.

On our blog, you can learn more about how our free in-home water consultations operate.

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