Water Heater Repair And Replacement

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Water Heater Repair And Replacement

Water heaters are known to be among those appliances that a household requires for meeting everyday jobs . Especially during the winters when incoming water chills to temperatures in the 40’s,  it is critical to have a hot water supply for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other such areas that will meet the demand expected of them. Water heaters are sorely missed when they are not working or reliable extend for the demand required. There are things we can do to protect and possibly extend the life of a water  heater that often don’t happen.

First we can replace the anode rod every three to four years. Second we can drain and flush the water heater properly on an annual basis. Third we can use a lower water heating temperature of 110-120 degrees as our primary hot water setting. We also rely on businesses to use hot water in food, commerce, and health related fields for our convenience and safety. Water heaters are some of our most used, relied on and taken for granted appliances. In searching for a water heater when one is in need of replacing it is wise to consider the many options you have to select from that are based on meeting a host a different individual needs and circumstances.

Water heaters now range in efficiency, capacity, and flow characteristics that are as different as they similar in what they achieve. In all cases proper attention to the service your water  heater gets are even more important than the service your water heater gives you. Gone are the days of the standard “ it is always the same water heater you have always had” applicable statement. You can now be in control of what type of water heater  you have and what you expect it to do for you and your needs. A properly trained plumbing company with highly trained technicians can address all of these needs for you and help you make a decision that will meet your individual needs.

 A highly trained technician is also indispensable in performing any of the required service on either gas or electric, thankless or tank style water heaters. So  whether it is replacing, repairing, servicing or advising on hot water needs or the proper heater to meet those needs, a properly trained technician from a company that has a proven track record in the industry for service, knowledge and customer care is a must for your peace of mind and your next gallon of hot water.

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