What are tankless water heaters?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Tankless water heaters are ideal for households who tend to use hot water only during specific hours of the day
  • Unlike typical hot water heaters, it does not make use of a storage tank
  • It will only heat the water as it flows inside the pipes and coils within the unit, this will mean that some waiting time is needed
  • It will not be able to provide you with a constant supply of hot water especially if there are two or more people using it simultaneously

Tankless water heaters are a great choice for households that will only use hot water in the morning or in the evening. This is also ideal for people who will only use hot water during certain hours.  They are also known as instant water heaters as well as demand-type water heaters. These products do not store hot water, but they can heat water whenever you need it.

These products can actually help you save money because there are no standby energy losses with tankless water heaters. Since it does not use a storage tank, it does not need to wait for the water to heat up. Instead, it heats up the water as it passes through the unit. Most units contain high-powered gas burners that will make use of a heat exchanger coil system.

Unfortunately, the tankless water heater’s output limits the flow rate. It cannot provide you with a steady supply of hot water especially if a lot of people are going to use it at the same time. Instead of an electric water heater, you can buy a gas-fired tankless water heater if you have a bigger demand for hot water at home. However, it might still not be enough to keep up with your needs if you will use hot water through different outlets simultaneously.

Tankless water heaters typically cost as much as three times more than the typical tank heaters. Although it can help you save on energy costs, you cannot really expect to earn back your investment right away. The savings that you will get will also depend on your family’s water consumption habits.

This product can only provide hot water as fast as the water can go through its pipes. This is why some waiting time is involved before you can actually get the hot water. But as soon as the water starts to go out of the faucet, it can typically provide 2-5 gallons of hot water per minute. Although this is more than enough for one person’s use, it is recommended that you install 2 or more tankless water heaters at home if your demands are too high.

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