What happens if I pour Grease down the Kitchen Sink?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Clogs caused by oil and fat is one of the most common problems that plumbers have to deal with today.
  • If the pipe lines are connected, a clog caused by grease can cause backups not just in the kitchen, but also in the bath and laundry line.
  • When dealing with clogs, you might want to hire a professional from the very beginning, otherwise, you might end up using products that can damage the pipes, which will then cost you more money in the long run.
  • Instead of pouring the grease down the drain, wipe it off with a paper towel and throw it away in the trash.

Grease can cause clogs especially in the kitchen sink. So what should you do if you accidentally pour grease down the sink?

A lot of plumbers today have been called to help homeowners deal with clogged sinks only to find out that the problem has been caused by grease. This is why there are a lot of homeowners who want to know what happens to their kitchen line if it gets clogged by grease.

First of all, you should never pour grease or cooking oil down the kitchen sink. Even our grandparents were told not to do this and it would be wise to make sure that we follow this advice today. This is true even if you now have the latest or most expensive sink installed in your home.

Vegetable oil and animal oil may be in liquid form when used, but you need to understand that it will harden as soon as it gets inside the pipe. And if the pipe lines are connected together, you might have a clog that will not just affect the kitchen drain, but will also back up the bath and laundry lines.

While it is very possible for you to deal with the clog yourself, you might consider hiring a professional plumber to take on this job for you instead. This is because some homeowners have actually spent a lot of money buying chemicals which have damaged the pipes instead. Now they end up having to spend even more money than if they had called a professional plumber right from the beginning.

If you let a plumber deal with the clog on the other hand, it may cost you only a few hundred dollars. Serious blockages and damaged pipes however, will cost you around a thousand dollars.

This is why if you want to stay away from all these expense, it might be best if you try to wipe the grease off from the pan with a paper towel and throw it away instead pouring it down the sink. You can also pour cooled oil into non-recyclable containers for proper disposal into the trash.

If you have been pouring grease down the drain, you can try to clean it before any problems arise through the following:

You should pour bleach down the drain at least once a week. From time to time, you should also fill the sink with hot water, then drain it. You can also run hot water down the drain after you wash the dishes.

You should also make it a rule inside your home that no one should ever pour oil, fats, or grease down the drain. This simple change can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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