What In The World Is I.A.Q

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Indoor Air Quality.  There you have it!  This is the most focused on item in the HVAC (Heating Venting & Air Conditioning, another one of those nasty abbreviated words in the construction industry again) world today.  Indoor Air Quality is a short way of saying terms like humidifiers, germicidal uv lights, air scrubbers, electronic air cleaners, highly rated merv filters and so on, just about anything that does something to your air other than just heats or cools it.  Indoor air quality became a watch word not because the hvac industry needed or wanted something else to sell or service, but because people just like you felt a need for more healthy air to breathe day and night, and to improve their overall environment. One of the first things on the market to provide better quality air than the standard filter was the electro static filter, a metal framed filter with metal mesh for the filter medium.  Then the electronic air cleaner became both popular and much more practical do to its efficiency, and capability of doing a better job.  It was tasked largely with removing dust as it is moved about the house driven by the furnace blower, (for you high tech people that would be the squirrel cage).  This also helped to keep the heating / cooling equipment in better shape because it doesn’t allow as much dust to accumulate on the blower motor, thus decreasing efficiency, and burning out the motor prematurely.  We have moved steadily forward since.  Now we have many other quality driven items to help you breath easier, and be healthier.  Dust, pollens, germs, virus’s, bacteria, surface microorganisms, staph, strep, avian flu, marsa superbug, black mold and other items are subject to being eliminated or reduced anywhere from 94% to 99.8% according to studies from Kansas State University, and University of Cincinnati.  This is big news to those of us who have allergies, sinus problems, asthma, respiratory irritation, or infections, coughs, skin rash’s and an assortment of other breathing challenges.  While no product will eliminate 100% of everything many of the items on the market today help do to your air what was never done to your parents or grand parent’s indoor air.  After all much of this air can and is circulated over and over throughout your house daily.

Does Indoor Air Quality really matter?  It must because people like you drive the market; the market does not drive you.  We are doing better and healthier things all the time largely because of you.  This is a great train to be on board for you and your family’s sake and their overall health.

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