What Kind of Water is Safe for Baby’s Consumption?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlight:

  • A lot of parents know the benefits of giving the baby formula or breast milk, but only a few think about whether the baby can safely drink water.
  • Experts recommend that babies should not be given plain water until they reach 6 months and until they can consume solid foods.
  • Giving the baby water early on can cause weight loss and water intoxication.
  • You can use reverse-osmosis systems, boiled water, or bottled water if the tap is not safe for baby’s consumption.
  • Depending on your location as well as the water source, the tap water might be safe for baby’s use.
  • Most tap water in the city contain high levels of fluoride which might affect the baby’s teeth.

Can you safely use the water in your home for the baby’s needs?

As soon as the newborn arrives, a lot of parents begin to worry about many different things. While a lot of parents already have a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to choosing between formula and breast milk, a lot of them fail to know whether the water in the home can be safely used for the baby’s consumption.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to baby’s drinking water:

No water below 6 months

According to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, babies should not drink water until they are six months old. Babies who are given plain water tend to develop absorption problems and they will most likely fail to absorb all of the nutrients that are found in breast milk or in the formula. Those who are given water can suffer from water intoxication as well as weight loss. This is why experts recommend that parents wait until the baby reaches 6 months of age, and until the baby is now able to eat solid foods before letting the baby drink water.

Know more about you tap water

Depending on your location, and depending on the public water system in your area, the tap water in your home might be safe for the baby. But you need to understand that most public water systems have high levels of fluoride. This can affect the way the baby’s teeth will look as it emerges from his or her gums.

If you opt to use tap water, you can let the sink run for a few seconds before catching the water in a pot for boiling. Let the boiled water cool before letting the baby drink it or before adding it to the baby’s formula. You should also consult with your city’s public water system to see of the tap water is safe for the baby to drink. In general, the natural fluoride level of the tap water should be below 0.7mg/dl.

Using alternatives

If you find it too tedious to boil water for your baby’s consumption, you can always opt to give your baby bottled water instead. You can also have a reverse-osmosis water system installed in the kitchen. This will remove the contaminants that are typically found in tap water so your baby can

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