What To Do About Radon

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Test your home for radon
  • Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can easily infiltrate your home
  • If you have an excess of radon it is important to remove it from the air

If you’re moving into a new house in Salt Lake City or Park City you should test your home for radon. Likewise, if your current home doesn’t have a radon mitigation system, you should also consider checking your home for radon. Radon, the colorless, odorless gas, has been listed as a potential cause of lung cancer, so don’t wait to check your home.

The gas exists naturally in soil and can easily seep into your home through the foundation. Any unsealed flooring, cracks in the foundation, and wall crevices can leave your home susceptible to radon. Houses that have wells or septic systems have a higher risk of radon exposure.

To administer a radon test, you should measure the radon in the air. You can find test kits at your local hardware store or sometimes your local utility company may conduct the test. The test will measure the amount of radon in the air over a set amount of time. A reading of 1.3 pCi/L is acceptable, but anything above 4 pCi/L is dangerous and should be addressed immediately.

If you have an excess amount of radon, it is important to remove it from the air. First, consider resealing any cracks in your foundation and walls. If this is not sufficient, you should hire a contractor to install an active radon reduction system. This system uses a pipe and fan to draw the radon out of the soil under your home and expel it into the open air outside your home. For extreme cases, make sure you hire and consult a professional radon mitigation specialist.

If it’s not too late, there are some preventable measures you can take to avoid health issues. If you are building your home from the ground up, use special radon-deterring building materials for your foundation, walls, water and septic systems. If you’re buying a new home, make sure you test for radon before moving in.

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