What to do when your toilet is overflowing?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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The most common reason behind an overflowing toilet is clogged drains and sewage system. Often times, we flush down items that has no place down there. According to Salt Lake City experts, with non-flushable items stuck in there, clogging will happen eventually.

The sewage system will overflow even if too much toilet paper is being flushed down. Another prime reason behind an overflowing toilet is malfunctioning parts. It might be that the Float has malfunctioned. For those who doesn’t know what is a float, scroll down to know how it can affect the flow of your toilet:

What is the float?

The mechanical part that controls how much water will be flushed down the toilet is called float. To allow the water to pass down the toilet the valve lowers itself allowing the filling valve to open and pass the water. There are two types of floats, ball float, and cup float.

Whatever be the reason, do not panic and follow the below-mentioned steps to control the situation:

How to handle an overflowing toilet?


First, you need to remove the cover of the water tank and stop the water from getting into the toilet. You can also do this by lifting the bottom of the valve or by raising the float up. It is great, if you can manage to stop the water flow, else you can proceed to the next step.


If you are not able to turn off the water supply from the toilet tank, you can do it from outside also. There is a pipe and a valve right next to your toilet, turn off the valve, and the water supply will automatically cut off.


For those who are unable to find the valve next to the toilet, they can cut the main water supply of the house. Once you cut the water supply completely, check if the toilet is still overflowing. If yes, then the sewage maybe completely clogged and might need an expert assistance.

Two things to avoid when the system is overflowing

Do not panic

We understand that the sight of an overflowing toilet is not very pleasant, but you have to maintain your calm and refrain from doing anything that can make the problem worse.

Do not mess with the pipe

While taking care of an overflowing toilet you do not have to do anything other than the steps mentioned above. Do not touch or remove any pipes attached to the toilet. Messing with the wrong pipe can lead to over flooding.

As it is said prevention is better than cure, you can avoid over flooding your toilet by flushing down only the human excreta and toilet papers. Never drain objects like tampons, wipes, napkins, or toilet towels down the toilet.

A lot of sanitary products in the market are selling with the mention that they are flushable. However, do not fall for it, as it is only going to clog your toilet in the long term.

If you have kids in the house, they might occasionally throw in plastics, straws, wooden chunks, and toys. Keep an eye for any such mischief, and if you notice any trouble down there, get in contact with nearby plumbing experts.

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