What Water Heater Size Do I Require?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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While tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular (particularly in bigger houses in Salt lake city), traditional tank versions are still widespread and unlikely to disappear anytime soon. So, how can you figure out which one is the greatest match for you? It’s clear. Begin with the fundamentals.

What Units is a Water Heater’s Capacity Measured In?

First and foremost, Water heater strength is calculated in gallons, where the imperial system is used. Between 40 and 60 gallons is the most frequent capacity.

The holding capacity of a water heater is evaluated in Liters in countries that use the metric system instead.

Sizes of Water Heaters in Storage Tanks

If you choose a traditional storage-tank water heater, there are two factors to consider:

a. Peak Hour Demand – Your family’s quantity of hot water used in a busy 1-hour period.

b. The First Hour Rating (FHR) of a Water Heater – The amount of hot water the water heaters can generate in one hour.

You’ll need to perform some calculations to ensure you have the proper size water heater for your house. In one hour, add up the hot water requirements of all the hot water gadgets you expect to use in your home.

Add the average liters of hot water per use of these appliances to the chart above. Let’s assume you take two showerings and then start the washing machine. The total amount of hot water required is 72 gallons.

When you run out of hot water during that 1 hour, you’ll need a hot water system with a “first-hour rating” of at least 72 gallons. In most circumstances, a 50-gallon tank water heater would be required in this situation, as most 40-gallon versions have a lower FHR.

An average household of four uses 200-400 gallons of water daily for dishes, showers, laundry, and other activities. A couple in an apartment may use half of that, but a family of six would consume 600 gallons or more each day.

The size of the tank is determined by how much water you consume every day, not by the number of people in your home (some individuals use more water than others). The distance between the water heater and the exit is also essential.

A big family who resides in a house with the main bathroom on the other end of the house from the water heater will require a larger tank than a family of the same size who lives in a house with the most frequently used water outlets near the hot water system.

Sizes of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are useful for larger family members when you need to draw hot water from multiple sources at the same time or when you have a large Jacuzzi tub in your restroom. Because of their compact size, hiding them isn’t difficult as it may be with specific tank models.

The capacity of tankless devices is measured in gallons per minute. When all you want to understand is what capacity tankless water heater do I need, there are three simple steps to determine your house’s proper size.

Add together all of the hot water you’ll be using simultaneously. You want to go in the shower while also running the dishwasher. A shower would use 1.5 to 3.0 gallons per minute, whereas a dishwasher would use 1.0 to 3.0 gallons per minute. That’s 6 gallons per minute on the top end.

The average groundwater temperature varies depending on where you reside. In general, if you live in the north, you’ll need a more powerful tankless device than someone who lives in a warmer environment because heating colder groundwater requires more effort. You can choose which tankless water heater is the suitable size for your home once you’ve determined the gallons per minute and the acceptable groundwater temperature. Once you’ve decided on a brand, most tankless water heater manufacturers will include a water heater size calculator on their website and model suggestions.

Whether you choose a tank or a tankless system, keep in mind the long term and consider getting the next size up if your family expands suddenly (or if you are single, you decide to get married).

Choosing the proper size and kind of water heater doesn’t have to be a time-consuming procedure. You’ll have the ideal size water heater for your house in no time with a bit of math and personal preference.

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