What’s the Best Ice for Your Drink?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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  • Buying a refrigerator comes with lots of decisions
  • Once you determine which type of ice you prefer, you should select a refrigerator that will best suit your needs
  • Problems with icemakers and water lines that run to the refrigerator should be fixed immediately

As the months grow warmer, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining again. When you invite your friends or family over for a barbecue or summer birthday party, it’s important to be able to offer them nice, ice-cold drinks!

Buying a refrigerator comes with lots of decisions; however, one feature that is often overlooked is the ice making machine and what shape of ice it creates. There are several popular options to consider:

Circle Ice
Circle shaped ice is a little harder to come by. It is hollow inside and is consider a gourmet ice. Typically, it is created by portable icemakers or under the counter ice machines.

Crescent Cubes
The crescent cube is one of the most common cubes dispensed by refrigerators. It is specifically designed to reduce the amount of splashing when a drink is poured over it.

Crushed Ice
Crushed ice is most commonly used for sodas and is a good choice if you don’t mind a watered-down drink as the ice melts more quickly than traditional ice cubes. Some home refrigerators are equipped to make this type of ice, but it is typically made in a stand-alone icemaker. If crushed ice is important to you, you should inquire about it before purchasing your refrigerator.

Ice Rods
If you carry a water bottle around with you, you may want to invest in an ice rod tray. These trays create cylindrical ice, which can fit into most average sized water bottles. It’s the perfect way to stay cool throughout the summer.

Oversized Cubes
If you are a fan of straights drinks, such as whiskey, this slow-melting cube is a great choice. In order to make this ice, you will need to purchase a special mold.

Once you determine which type of ice you prefer, you should select a refrigerator that will best suit your needs. If you often have parties or have a large family, you may even want to consider installing and under the counter icemaker to help with the ice demand. Then, you should contact a professional plumber to make sure the water line is connected and you have access to clean, safe water for all your ice making needs.

If you already have an ice-producing refrigerator, but notice that it is leaking or not making ice like it once did, try resetting the icemaker. If this doesn’t work it’s time to call in a professional. A professional plumber can assist in diagnosing the problem and offer a solution. Problems with icemakers and water lines should be fixed immediately. If left untreated, they can lead to water damage and more costly repairs.

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