Why is my AC blowing warm air?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Sometimes your AC seems to work just fine, but it takes hours to get the optimal amount of cooling. One of the main causes behind this is the AC blowing slightly warm hair, which should not happen. According to Salt Lake City HVAC experts, there can be several reasons behind such happening. However, do not fret too much, as whatever be the problem, HVAC experts can take care of it all.

In this article, we are going to talk about why your AC is blowing warm air and how you can get it fixed it. So, let us begin with it:

7 common causes of AC blowing warm air

When there is a fault inside the AC, it might shut off the cooling mechanism. Sometimes it can be because of airflow or thermostat settings, but there can be other reasons also like refrigerant leaks and electrical problems. The fan still operates but with the cooling mechanism completely shut off, the AC releases warm air.

Some of these problems can be fixed on your own, but some may require an expert assistant. We will start by telling you about the DIY ones and will gradually reach the issue that needs professional help.

1. Thermostat issues

Before you start imaging the worst, simply have a look at the thermostat. There can be instances where kids change the setting or someone else turned it off, because of cold. Check the thermostat and set the temperature at a lower degree than the air temperature.

2. Blocked return vents

Another reason behind the warm air is maybe the vent grills are closed or blocked. The return vents are often closed over the winters and sometimes we forget to open them. There can also be some sort of obstruction to the vent, e.g. furniture or huge decorative piece. Have a close look to see if all the registers and returns are open for a free flow of air.

3. A clogged filter

If the thermostat is fine, there can be other troubles like a clogged filter. With air filters clogged, it becomes impossible for air to flow inside the conditioner. The AC filters are equipped to remove debris and contaminants from the air that flows inside the AC. In the process, it gets itself covered with dust, debris, hair, and bug fragments. These unwanted elements prevent the air from passing into the system and heat the coil within. When something like this happens, the heat blows back towards you. So, check your air filters and see if it needs to be changed.

4. Disconnected or leaky ducts

Check the HVAC system for a hole or crack in the ducts. If the ducts are faulty or disconnected, the air will return to the system. There is also a chance that cooler air was being wasted into a crawl space like attics and walls. Air ducts can often be damaged by birds, rodents, or any recent construction work. Take a closer look at the ducts yourself and if nothing could be found, call the professionals.

5. Blocked condenser coils

The condenser coil is responsible for releasing heat in the outside environment. Because it is located outside, there is no saving it from dirt, debris, leaves, and contaminants, still, you can clean it more often. If the coil is left dirty and caked, this might hamper the normal functioning of the system. The condenser unit will not be able to release the heat and that is how the system heats up leaving hot air behind.

6. Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant is the element responsible for driving the cooling of an Air Conditioner. It is kept inside a close loop so there is hardly any chance of a leak, but still, it can happen. Get in contact with the nearest HVAC technicians to get the refrigerant checked. If there is a leakage somewhere, it diminishes the cooling power, hence causing warm air.

You also need to check if you are still using R22 refrigerant. If yes, then it is going to be a lot expensive in terms of repairs. The EPA has ruled out this refrigerant in January 2020, so you would want to replace the refrigerant as soon as possible.

7. Loss of power to the outdoor

A rough probability is that your condenser is not working properly. In most cases, the condensing unit is located outside of the house, but in areas like NYC, you will find it inside the mechanical room. Sometimes, the condenser unit is switched off accidentally causing completely warm air. To fix the mayhem have a look at the condenser unit for any visible damage, and if nothing can be found call the professionals for expert advice.

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