Why Is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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You may conveniently discard (select) food waste into your sink if you have a garbage disposal. Contact us in Salt Lake City to know more.

While it makes cleaning up in the kitchen easier, there is the risk of it spilling. Garbage disposals can leak for a variety of reasons; however, the most typical reasons and sources of these leaks are listed below.


Likely Cause: A Loose Sink Flange

The portion that links the trash disposal to the sink drain is known as the sink flange. The flange and plumber’s putty are frequently used to connect garbage disposals to sinks. When the connection between the sink flange and the sink drain isn’t strong enough, or the connection has rusted over time, leaks are common. If you feel your connection is failing, try the following:

  • Make sure the mounting bolts are secure. The flange and the drain are connected by the mounting bolts. Make sure they’re securely attached.
  • Examine the putty used by the plumber. Simply unscrew the bolts, replace the plumber’s putty, and retighten the bolts if the plumber’s putty that helps seal your disposal in place has been damaged.


Likely Cause: A Busted Internal Seal

Your disposal might be worn out due to age and usage, resulting in internal damage. If your trash disposal is seeping from the bottom (rather than from a higher-up place), the problem is most likely the garbage disposal itself. Internal seals might break down with time, resulting in leaks and disposal failure.

  • Examine the garbage disposal’s body. On the unit’s body, look for any cracks or moist places. If the disposal is fractured, the entire unit will almost certainly need to be repaired.
  • Examine the position of your garbage disposal for any changes. Garbage disposals, along with the majority of your cleaning materials, are kept under the sink. The disposal may have shifted out of place after being knocked or banged. Check that the disposal is sitting upright and, if necessary, correct it. After that, check the seals and plumber’s putty, and reseal if required.

Repairing a trash disposal leak isn’t usually a tough process that needs the services of a professional, but you must know where to look and how to proceed. You won’t have to worry about DIY repairs for your trash disposal or sink plumbing. It’s also not required to look for how-to videos on the internet. Contact us immediately in Salt Lake City for assistance.

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