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A humidifier is a great addition to your heating and possibly your air conditioning system.  Many people are already used to a certain level of humidity in their environment due to the discomfort of dry skin, dry nasal passages, allergies to dust, and just overall comfort.  However humidifiers are not just for personal comfort for the occupants of a home or business. 

 They are just as important for a home or office.  They eliminate static charges you sometimes feel as you touch metal objects after walking across a carpeted floor but they have a much more important and significant reason for buildings.  When most buildings are built they use wood, some in higher quantities than others.  Wood has a natural humidity that it possesses due to the growing process.  When wood is used it begins to lose some of that humidity. 

Sometimes this is necessary; however your house needs a certain amount of humidity to maintain size of wood, beauty, and durability of the wood.  Often, kitchen cabinets and drawers begin to shrink and more importantly crack due to too much drying of the wood.  This can cause repair costs that otherwise can be completely unnecessary otherwise.  Shrinkage can also cause leakage of heat from the house that otherwise would not exist. 

Homes as well as people benefit from the humidity you can add to your HVAC equipment.  There are several types of humidifiers that can be purchased from the standard type of bypass and powered humidifiers that use a covered pad to deliver moisture that is pushed or pulled into the air or the newer and more beneficial steam type that can also be used during cooling seasons with air conditioning where steam is drawn into the air flow. 

Some people that have had humidifiers complain that they don’t work effectively, but usually that is because the pads are not being changed frequently enough which is either annually or biannually.  If serviced properly humidifiers can produce humidity that will supply comfort and durability to home or occupant with great success and outstanding comfort.

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