Why You Shouldn’t Flush Feminine Products

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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To make the products more popular, feminine brands come with taglines like – “it’s flushable” and “No mess.” However, the reality is far different! According to plumbing experts of Salt Lake City, you might be inviting heavy plumbing costs by flushing things like maxi pads, wipes, and tampons. Some of the brands claim that these products are flush-friendly, but it only damages the plumbing system and septic tank. Want to know how? Continue reading:

Products that you should never flush?

  • Facial tissues and paper towels even if says flushable
  • Dental floss
  • Maxi pads
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Condoms
  • Medicines
  • Cigarette butts
  • Draining chemicals
  • Diapers
  • Pet poop

How Can Feminine Products Damage the Plumbing System?

You might have noticed a big sign on the mall’s ladies’ room, urging you to not flush things like tampons and sanitary pads. Well, they are meant to be taken seriously, as none of the feminine products should go down the flush system. Here is why:

These are non-biodegradable items

Most of the sanitary pads and tampons never get disposed and even in the soil; it takes years to destroy them. When it comes to bathroom products, only toilet paper is meant to completely dissolve in water. Other products will move around the pipe, causing a blockage.

Tampons grow 10 times their size

Tampons might look like a piece of small parchment, but when it comes with contact with enough liquid, it grows as much as 10 times its size. None of the flushing systems is equipped to dissolve such a big chunk, especially the old flush systems.

A nuisance for the neighbors

By any chance, if some of these non-flushable products make their way out of your drainage system, it can still cause a problem for the neighbors. Yes, most of the drainage system is connected in the neighborhood and the debris might have left your area, but only to enter the neighbors’.

Huge treatment cost

According to the plumbing experts, a lot of tampons and sanitary pads leave the plumbing system to reach the sewage treatment plant. That is why people do not realize sooner that they are ruining their plumbing system. To destroy these tampons in the sewage treatment plant several filters and chemicals are being used.

Not only does it cost a lot, but also is harmful and time-consuming. America’s cost for treating this non-bio gradable item in the wastewater is $46 billion, which is a lot. After the process is completed, all the non-biodegradable items along with your tampons are sent to the landfill.

Notice the irony of the process, something that costs $46 billion annually does not even need to happen. Only if these wastes are thrown into their dedicated place, will not cost such a massive amount to the American taxpayers. That money can be invested in something meaningful for the public welfare.

How to reduce the plumbing costs?

Make it a point that nobody in the house flushes these biodegradable items. Use a dustbin to dispose of these products. Even if one of the sanitary pads and facial tissue brand claims that it is flushable, do not fall for it. It is just a marketing strategy. Most of the non-degradable items like tampons make their place at the bottom of the tank and may cause the water level to rise, creating a flood-like situation.

If you flushed a non-flushable product by mistake, do not panic. Just keep an eye on the first signs of blockages and waterlogging. If you notice one of these problems, just call the plumber.

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