Will my Homeowner’s Insurance cover Sewer Line Replacements?

By Thornton Plumbing and Heating

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Blog Highlights:

  • Homeowners should know if their insurance policy covers sewer line replacements before problems happen
  • According to a consumer advocacy group most policies do not cover repairs due to damage caused by wear and tear
  • Although sewer backups occur suddenly, they may not be accidental in nature
  • It might be possible however, to find independent insurance brokers who can provide you with a policy that includes sewer line replacements

Many homeowners wonder if their insurance will cover issues with their sewer lines.

This is why experts highly recommend that before sewer line backups happen and expensive repairs need to be done, homeowners have to see for themselves if their insurance policy covers replacements or repairs.

As surprising as it may seem, homeowners should know that according to a consumer advocacy group, most policies do not cover repairs due to damage that has been caused by gradual wear and tear.

The problem is most homeowners think that a sewer backup is accidental. This is simply because sewer backups happen when you least expect it, not considering the fact that the lines might have been deteriorating over the years.

If you would be willing to shop around however, it might be possible for you to find an independent insurance broker who can provide you with a policy that can cover sewer line replacements.  Another option would be to add a sewer and drain endorsement for around $100 per year to your policy. This can help cover losses that pertain to sewer backups, carpets, and other related damages.

There are utility companies that can offer protection plans for home systems and sewer pipes through private companies. Homeowners however, should be cautions when getting these programs as they should know exactly what the policy excludes before they depend on it for the damage or replacement costs.

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